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How Long Does Glued In Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm, providing access to luscious hair and gorgeous styles that can completely transform your appearance in an instant. But as you go toward longer, fuller hair, one question remains, How long do glue-in hair extensions last?

A glue-in hair extension usually lasts 2 to 3 months. It’s crucial to remember that poor upkeep could cause it to loosen in as little as 4 weeks. To keep the extension in place, regular shampooing is required. Consider including a weekly deep conditioning treatment for best longevity, which will help to lengthen the extension’s lifespan.

In this post, we will delve more into the fascinating world of glue-in hair extensions to learn about their maintenance routines and the art of creating an enduring stunning attachment.

What Is Glue In Extensions?

Similar to other hair extensions, glue-in extensions are placed to the base of the extension or weft and glued to your natural strand using a hot glue gun to give your hair more length and volume. You can do it on your own or ask a buddy if you don’t want to go to the salon. Hair bonding glue and extensions are all you need.

Your stylist will put hair glue directly on your hairline and the hair wefts. The adhesive may even be blow-dried by some hairdressers to hasten the drying process.

If the extensions are put on, taken care of, and taken off correctly, they shouldn’t harm your hair. However, if your hair is thin or damaged, you might want to think twice before using glue-in extensions. Your hair may experience too much stress and weight as a result of the application and removal. Before you try out any extensions, consult your hairdresser for their opinion.

What Is The Glue In Hair Extensions Made From?

Like other types of hair extensions, glue in extensions are made of both synthetic and human hair. These two of types glue in hair extension sources come in a variety of lengths and colors.

However, due to the similarities, some people mistake a glue-in hair extension made from real hair for synthetic hair, although there are several differences.

The cost of human hair glue extensions is higher than the cost of synthetic hair glue extensions. The ones made of synthetic hair are also different in that they cannot be styled differently.

However, due to its quality and longevity, glue-in human hair extensions provide you with a variety of styling options.

Types of glue in hair extensions

If you wish to try glue in hair extensions, here are some options to consider:

1. I tip hair extensions

I-tip hair extensions are a type of adhesive that is also referred to as cold fusion. Each strand’s connection in I-tip hair has a cylinder form, which is a hair component that helps it adhere to the scalp’s natural hair.

Additionally, unlike some other types of hair extensions, I Tip hair extensions can be installed without the use of heat. The cosmetologist or hairstylist will just use a plier and micro loop to attach your natural hair to the hair extension.

2. U-tip hair extensions

The glue used in U-tip hair extensions is referred to as hot fusion. The U-tip hair extension has glue at the root that wraps around the bonds of each hair strand.

This form of glue in hair extensions requires heat for application since the bonds need to melt to stick to the hair strands, unlike I-tip hair extensions.

Can You Use Glue in Hair extensions on short hair?

You can definitely add them to short hair. Generally speaking, we advise that you only need 8 inches, or roughly 20 centimeters, of hair length for glue-in extensions.

To obtain a new look, you can also experiment with different weft color combinations.

How much does Glue in hair extensions cost?

The price of glue-in hair extensions can range from $300 to $500, depending on the salon where you buy them.

If you intend to do DIY and apply them yourself or with the aid of a friend, you can install hem at a lower price. Just make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job and do it carefully. 

When in doubt, it’s preferable to go to a hairstylist to prevent harming your hair or scalp.

Can You Wash Glue in Hair Extensions?

Normally, the glue used is not water soluble, thus normal water won’t affect it, but to be cautious, try to avoid getting water on the glued region when washing your hair extensions.

Additionally, since conditioners are usually used to remove glue, you can use the shampoos and conditioners that you typically use for your hair as long as you avoid applying them to the glued area.

You can also use dry shampoos if you don’t want to use water to clean.

How to care for glue in hair extensions to last longer.

1. Gentle Cleansing

Unlike other forms of extensions, glue-in hair extensions don’t require continuous washing because the more you wash them, the more the bonds deteriorate. To avoid melting the adhesive, you must wash the hair properly by simply rinsing it under cold water. Use a shampoo that is sulfate-free and gentle to extensions to clean your hair and extensions. To avoid tangling, avoid heavy scrubbing and instead softly massage your scalp.

2. Brush your hair regularly and carefully.

Brushing your hair gently and regularly is a crucial step in extending the life of your glue-in hair extensions. To brush your hair properly and prevent getting caught by the hair bonds in your glue-in hair extension, use a wide-tooth brush. When brushing, use your hand to untangle the knots rather than a comb.

3. Take care of your hair before sleeping.

You cannot take out a glue-in hair extension every day because it will remain on your natural hair for weeks or months.

Therefore, you should take care of your hair extension before bed because you might turn around in bed subconsciously as you sleep. To keep your hair moisturized and your bond firm even in your sleep, put on a silk bonnet before going to bed.

4. Keep off heat styling

Make sure you avoid using heat for styling if you use either a cold fusion or hot fusion glue in hair extensions because doing so can weaken the bond. Additionally, stay away from using heat on your hair because it will dry it out quickly. If you must use heat, always use low to medium heat settings and add a heat protectant.

Can super glue be used for hair extensions?

Super glue should generally not be used on the skin or scalp due to its potential for serious injury. This procedure requires the use of special glues. Only use the recommended glue.

What glue can you use for hair extensions? 

There are three options for glue in hair extensions;

1. Fluid hair glue

Fluid hair glue is a paste with an acrylic or silicone basis that is used to attach hair weaves or extensions to the hairline. It is a paste that lasts for roughly one and a half months and is semi-changeless.

2. Holding glue

Holding glue is used to secure wefts into hair for temporary enhancements lasting three weeks; these are oil-sensitive and can be removed with citrus oil or a strong conditioner.

3. Keratin Glue

Keratin Glue is available in semi-hard chips. They weave and attach the hair extension weft to the scalp. It is expensive, and removal is difficult.

Glue-in extensions are ideal for persons who do not want to put in and remove extensions daily and want them to last at least a few weeks. However, while this approach has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. The most typical challenge is removing the glue from the hair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Glue in Hair Extensions

When opting for glue-in hair extensions, avoid hasty choices. Opt for ones that blend seamlessly, enhance your appearance, and outlast expectations. Amid numerous options, picking quality can be tough. Consider these factors to select the finest glue-in hair extensions:

1. Length

Selecting the appropriate length for your glue-in hair extension is vital for achieving your desired look. Opt for a length that seamlessly blends with your natural hair. If aiming to conceal your hair, various extension lengths suffice. For a harmonious appearance, choose an extension matching your hair’s length. However, opting for a length slightly longer than your own ensures better attachment, as very short extensions might not adhere well. Prioritize extensions with extra length for a secure and elegant fit.

2. Type of Attachment

Another thing to take into consideration is the nature of the attachment procedure. Knowing that you will use a cold attachment when picking a cold fusion glue in hair extensions will help you avoid choosing a hot fusion product. However, a cold connection is a fantastic choice if you require a quick attachment because melting won’t be necessary.


When properly cared for, a carefully designed glue-in hair extension not only boosts your confidence but also has a lengthy lifespan. Consider delaying this decision till your hair grows out if you have short hair. Despite its initial cost, glue-in extensions are cost-effective given their flawless blend after professional application. In the end, how long the extension lasts depends on your maintenance and the advice of your hairdresser, assuring a long-lasting bond and an enduring affair with your extended tresses.

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