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Top 30 Black Cherry Hair Color Styles & Trends

Black cherry hair color can be quite subtle or extremely bright. It gives a dramatic flare to everyone wearing it, even with the tiniest tinge of lovely reddish tones! Anyone looking for a bold transformation can accomplish so by adopting this wine-inspired color. Fortunately, it works on almost all hair types and its color may be changed to fit your particular skin tone.

If you’re curious about why this deep, appealing shade should be your next color change, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to learn more about black cherry hair color, how to care for it, and ideas for your next salon visit.

Black Cherry Hair Trends

1. Chocolate black cherry

This black cherry version is warmer and ideal for people with golden undertones.

The combination of subtle chocolate and cherry brown tones creates a deep, rich color that looks great on brunettes.

Additionally, it can be used to brighten darker brown hair hues.

2. Natural Regrowth

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Naturally, the black cherry hue contrasts beautifully with dark bases in a way that seems purposeful, like an ombré. So think about black cherry if you’re searching for a low-maintenance color makeover for your dark strands.

3. A Playful Pop of Color

You may keep the rest of your cosmetic routine simple by adding a playful burst of color to your hair. However, if you want to dress it up even more or step it up, complement those newly colored strands with a bold pout.

4. Intense color

Some ladies choose to flaunt hair colors that are natural-looking, while others want to go all out with vibrant tones. If you fall into the latter group, don’t be afraid to show off your black cherry hair to the fullest. For extra-fancy results, have a professional color your hair.

5. Dark cherry pixie

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 Your hair can look more attractive with this hair dye. The side portion of Napoleon’s long hair complements this sensual hue more than any other cut. To bring out a lot of colors and a natural skin tone, combine black cherry hair color with a pixie cut.

6. Just the Tips

Changing the color of your hair occasionally requires taking tiny steps. If you’re not sure, test some color on the ends of your hair. If you don’t like it, you can easily fix it by cutting those ends off and moving on.

7. Black Cherry Fulani Braids

Using colored braids is a great way to protect your hair from the potential damage of coloring it.

Because they are firmly knotted at the scalp, Fulani braids, like the ones pictured here, can give the appearance that your hair is the color of black cherry.

8. Sleek, Straight Bob

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This hair color has a richer chocolate cherry hair color base. However, you can still make out those reddish undertones. This stunning shade looks fantastic on a sleek, straight bob with blunt-cut ends.

9. Bright Burgundy Tint

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To achieve the best look for you, experiment with several hues. This vibrant burgundy black cherry hair color looks wonderful on a pale complexion with brown eyes. For someone with a confident demeanor, this reddish-purple color is a great choice.

10. Black Cherry Angled Bob

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Short bob hairstyles look excellent with dark, striking colors. Choose an angled cut to add some style to your appearance. Short hair in the rear and longer in the front not only frames the face but also provides volume.

11. Beautiful Braid Crown

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Low-braid crown updos are cute and will highlight the gorgeous black cherry color. Begin two braids over each ear and pin them up into a chignon to keep it simple. For the face’s framing, leave a few stray strands down.

12. Rusty Highlights

You don’t have to make your highlights black cherry; you can do it the other way around. To put it briefly, you can purchase a black cherry foundation and top it off with highlights in the color of your choice. It’s great to start with rusty red.

13. Caramel Highlights

You can make your entire hairstyle stand out by selecting an entirely different color for your highlights. For instance, you can add eye-catching caramel highlights all over a black cherry base to make it more vibrant.  We can bet you will like the results.

14. Fringe Braid

Any length of hair can have braided bangs added to it. You can braid your bangs and let the rest of your hair loose if you want to keep them off your forehead and highlight certain features. To spice up your appearance, try a fringe braid on your black cherry hair.

15. Black Cherry Color For Naturally Curly Hair 

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Your ringlets will stand out if you dye your naturally curly hair black cherry. If you have thick, dark, curly hair and are seeking for a stylish method to incorporate the gorgeous black cherry hue into your hairdo, rock this rich color.

16. Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Hair

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The typical blonde highlights bore you to tears, don’t they? This gorgeous alternative hairstyle features cherry red highlights on dark hair. Dark hair and cherry red hair dye contrast dramatically, generating positive energy and attention.

17. Deep Burgundy Cherry on Shoulder-Length Locks

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Your hair instantaneously turns a deep black cherry red as soon as the sun’s rays hit it. Mid-length hair complements the edgy dark cherry hair color.

18. Wild Black Cherry with Subtle Violet-Red Hues

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These colors of wild black cherries are reminiscent of cherry Kool-Aid. Use two separate shades of violet-red (a base color balayaged into a slightly lighter shade of black cherry ends) to maintain a lot of definition and prevent this cherry brown hair color job from seeming flat.

You must stick with this conservative color, even though it is on the dark cherry spectrum.

19. Pink Highlights

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Regardless of the color they are applied to, pink highlights are absolutely appealing. Add a few hot pink highlights on top of your primary black cherry color to bring out your inner diva. You can put them all around or concentrate on the top.

20. Splash of Black Cherry on Black Hair

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Sometimes all your haircut needs to liven up is a literal splash of color. For example, if you have jet black hair, some black cherry can be used to enhance the tips on each side. Use the image up top as a precise guide.

21. Bangs

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Not a fan of the traditional hairstyles? The ideal inspiration is right here for you! Only apply black cherry to a portion of your hair. Dare to use it on your bangs rather than concentrating it on the lower part of your hair like most people do.

22. Black Cherry with Copper Highlights

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Black cherry red hair looks great on ladies with fair skin. To make your red-toned black cherry hair stand out, consider adding orange or copper highlights.

23. Black Cherry and Purple Fade

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Why not accentuate a multi-toned design with a hint of black cherry color? When applied to brunette roots, black cherry, and purple hair look fantastic. The combination will look natural thanks to balayage.

24. Violet Cherry

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This violet cherry style includes a root shadow for a gentle, progressive grow-out that’s perfect for people who can’t commit to routine salon touch-ups.

25. Balayage Bits

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An excellent candidate for balayage hair color is someone with curly hair. Dark cherry parts like these are simple to handle and preserve because the balayage process will organically determine where your color should be placed.

26. Pastel Champagne Hair

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We appreciate how the roots maintain the black cherry hair’s natural appearance while the rest of the hair is a gorgeous and feminine hue of light blonde and cotton candy pink.

27. Long Straight Cherry Cola Tresses

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This cherry cola hair color will look fantastic on you if you’re fortunate enough to have long, straight hair. You may more fully appreciate the unique tones that come with this beautiful hair color as the hair grows longer.

28. Curly Cherry

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Any hair structure, including straight, wavy, curly, coily, and any combination in between, looks amazing with the black cherry hair color. Low-maintenance hair that is ready to go as-is is the outcome when a vibrant hue is added to the pre-existing texture.

29. Cherry Pop Box Braid

Don’t limit yourself when experimenting with the black cherry color palette. As you can see in this design, adding more vibrant touches of magenta to your protective style still results in a seductive atmosphere that pops.

30. Black Cherry Cola

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If you want hair with lots of contrast, choose black cherry cola! It is very beautiful how the dark black base melted into the red copper tint. When styling, use a shine serum and let your color pop.

Does the black cherry hair color fade?

The kind of service you and your colorist choose will determine whether or not your hair color fades. Choose permanent hair color if you want your black cherry shade to last for a while.

How Much Do Black Hair Cherry Hair Colors Cost?

Black cherry hair color often costs between $150 and $200, depending on your natural undertone, the style you want (such as full color, highlights, etc.), the salon you choose, and other factors.

How Long Does Black Cherry Hair Color Last?

The initial hair color, the specific dye used, the type of hair, and how well you take care of and manage it after coloring can all affect how long black cherry hair color lasts. Black cherry hair typically lasts between four and six weeks.

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