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Top 20 Double Chin Round Face Medium Length Hairstyles

The best hairstyles for fat faces and double chins offer styles that break up the roundness and fullness of the face. Accentuating your facial features with the proper hairdo is an intriguing thought. Hairstyles for double chins are all about flaunting, accepting, and admiring plus-size or chubby people. They also help you feel more confident and less insecure. To assist you in making your decision, we have selected the most flattering medium-length hairstyles for double chins that will highlight your most attractive features while concealing any potential flaws.

20 Double Chin Round Face Medium Length Hairstyles

1.Medium Length Beachy Waves

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A double chin can be effectively concealed by long, beachy waves. These waves can even be achieved on longer hair. The secret is to give the hair below your chin a lot of texture. Wavy hair is a terrific alternative to straight, sleek hair for women with double chins. This look is incredibly fashionable and easy to achieve and maintain. The double chin can be concealed while also making your hair look full and bouncy with medium-length beachy waves.  

2. Medium Length Hair with Bangs

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A double chin can be hidden by a medium-length hairstyle with bangs. The side bangs and angled layers serve to lengthen the face and conceal the double chin. Additionally, this style aids in concealing any sagging bulk below the chin. To frame the face, the bangs should be brushed forward and styled with hot tools. Hairstyles with medium lengths are simple to manage and can conceal projecting areas.

3. Slick Wavy Hair

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Your face will appear longer and even your double chin will be less noticeable if you have sleek, wavy haircuts. Shoulder-length hair with loose face-framing layers that begin just past the plus point is the greatest style for a double chin. The bulging features of the double chin will also be balanced off by medium-length haircuts with a side-swept fringe. With a side part and soft waves, the shoulder-length wavy hairstyle is a party-ready alternative that can conceal your double chin while still giving you a chic appearance.

4. Middle Parted Short Curly Hair


This haircut is incredibly adorable if you have a round face and a double chin. The hair has been perfectly separated on either side, right in the centre, so that it falls gracefully over the shoulder on both sides.

At the bottom, where it falls on the shoulders, the straight hair has also been curled in delicate waves.

The hair coloring has also been expertly done, and the colors that go from a dark brown to a beautiful shade of pure ash blonde look very stunning. Additionally, subtle purple baby lights have been added, giving the entire scene an outstanding appearance.

5. Cascading Curls for Medium-Length Hair

This length is ideal for you and conceals a double chin if you aren’t committed to losing length but also don’t want your hair to be too long. For a more flattering look, style it with gentle cascading curls to provide bounce and a side part.

6.  Full, Bouncy, and Blonde

Show off your thick, long hair with some bouncy curls. Your hair will become more elegant and dynamic, which will help it flatter a face with a double chin. Blonde and caramel tones will add dimension and produce a bouncy, stunning blonde bombshell.

7. Medium Length Haircut With Deep Side Part

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No matter which of the many different medium hairstyles for round faces you decide on, a deep side parting is a proven method to give it a complex twist and hide your double chin at the same time.

8. Wavy Rounded Hair With Side Bang


A chubby face does not prohibit you from wearing round-shaped hairstyles. All you need to do is know how to emphasize them correctly. So, by adding a bang, you can change how your face’s proportions look. There are many different hairstyles with bangs for round features, but if you choose a wavy rounded cut, a side bang will look great with it.

9. Dressed-Up Pony With Face-Framing Tendrils

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A little volume, a texture that’s been a little tousled up, and some pretty loose parts that frame the face? Your face will appear properly shaped and contoured with this style.

Gather your hair in the back at the desired height for your ponytail after lightly teasing it on top and adding a little volumizing spray. See how this simple updo makes you look slimmer by leaving out two pieces to frame your face!

10. Half-Up Braids With Face-Framing Pieces

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Women with thick hair who use braids, dreadlocks, or faux locs can try a straightforward half-up style to really slim the lower face and shape it. A thin, high ponytail on top of the head produces a beautiful height that lengthens the face.

The face looks narrow and sculpted when a few braids or locs are left down to frame it, as well as when the hanging length is left down on each side.

11. Shoulder-Length Glam Spiral Curls

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Distraction is a technique used by magicians to direct your attention where they want it—and away from where they don’t. Apply the same strategy to your large, voluminous glam curls that flow down the bottom of your strands. Another feature that draws attention and truly makes this style stand out is the vivid, blazing red hue.

12. Upswept Formal Updo With Crown Volume

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Upswept hair generates visual lift and guides the eye along the hair’s curve. With a bit additional height at the crown to lengthen the face and gentle tendrils curving on either side, the face is elegantly framed and framed for a sculpted effect.

Before you pin and spray your hair in place, divide it in half down the middle in the front and shape each side into a sweeping arc. Twist and pin the remaining pieces of your curly hair into a low bun or ponytail in the back after adding some volume to the crown with pins.

13. Shaggy Shoulder Length Hair

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Try shaggy hair if you want to cover up your double chin with a more simple medium-length hairstyle. 

These look particularly attractive on females with shoulder-length hair.

Your face will appear less round thanks to this haircut, which will enhance all of your attractive characteristics.

14. Long Copper Hairs

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Women who wear glasses and want a flattering, modern look can consider wearing long copper layers. The layers create depth and motion. Additionally, the copper hue gives the hair warmth and richness. The length frames the face while still maintaining the overall softness of the look. This aids in deflecting attention from any insecurities. I advise styling damp hair with a round brush and a texturizing spray before blow-drying. This will improve the layers and give the hair a tiny bend. This will make the layers look better and give the hair a small bend. Use a light-hold hairspray on your hair to maintain the style without weighing it down.

15. The Vintage Curls Hairstyle:

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Do you adore vintage styles and haircuts that never go out of style? How about trying this ponytail with curls? You might believe that this is out of style, yet it has recently returned. Women with an oval, diamond, or rectangular face shape, medium to long hair, and a double chin face are ideal candidates for the elegant and graceful style. You will adore this gorgeous and wonderful chubby hairstyle if you give it a try.

16. Multi-Textured Curls With Zig Zag Part

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You can always hide a double chin better with lots of texture and interest in your design than with sleek, straight looks. Make an attractive zigzag portion and, using a little volumizing spray or powder, raise the roots at the crown.

Use a curling iron to curl and wave the ends, varying your curl-wrapping methods to produce various curl and wave textures.

17. Extra Long Bangs on a Mid-Length Chop

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Not all hairstyles work well with a double chin, but extremely long bangs on a mid-length chop can look great. Investing in the appropriate style that is customized for your hair type and thickness will make a world of difference. Request layers that begin around the cheekbones from your stylist. This will cause movement and deflect attention from how round your face is. Avoid blunt cuts; they sit heavily on your cheeks and will just draw attention to them. It also helps to combine texture and length. To enhance volume and body, consider using a curling iron or ward to add natural curls or soft waves.

18. Wavy Hair with Bright Highlights

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The goal of medium hairstyles for double chins is to create an optical illusion. You may build a lovely flow of layered hair with the correct amount of texture and volume by adding vivid green or purple highlights. It aims to lengthen the face and produce a head-turning appearance.

19. Bob Box Braids

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African ladies and half-blood African women’s distinctive traditional hairstyle, box braids, is always adorable and stunning. Bob box braids are a form of box braid that resembles a bob haircut. They are often medium in length, but they can also be as short as the chin or as long as the collarbone. Even if you have a round face with double chins, these adorable braids always flatter every face shape and will boost your self-esteem and sense of beauty. You can wear the hairstyle to work, formal occasions, or a casual date with friends.

20. Heavy Messy Curls

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Curls can work their magic and transform you into a diva. They help you appear less chubby and give your hair more bounce and volume. Curls are both exciting and useful as a diversion.

All you need are rollers and some holding gel. You must hold them in place. Any accessory looks great with curls and complements the appearance.

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