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A Complete Guide to Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

When it comes to styling, hair extensions have repeatedly shown themselves to be an excellent choice. Extensions are adaptable, fashionable, and they mimic your natural hair. Our hair is our crowning beauty, and if we keep it thick and long, it really does make a huge difference to a person’s entire appearance and confidence.

If you want to give your hair some new beauty and volume, keratin bonds hair extensions might be a good choice! In fact, famous stylists have been using keratin hair extensions for years, so they’re actually not at all new.

If you’ve ever considered getting Keratin bond hair extensions but opted against it because you didn’t know what it entailed, then this post is for you.

What Are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

The purpose of keratin bond hair extensions is to provide length and volume. The keratin hair extension procedure uses keratin bonds to attach the extensions to the hair.

So, what is a keratin bond? Although it is an adhesive, it is the same protein that makes up your hair. Each extension strand has the keratin bond ready to go and is pre-tipped.

These adhesives are made by manufacturers using keratin, which is obtained from several sources, including horse hoof, hair, and feathers. These are cooked for several hours under high pressure.

Because they are positioned in rows and fastened close to the roots, these extensions precisely match natural hair.

Some salons will have samples on hand that the stylist can use for you the same day, depending on your hair’s color and texture, but most salons will ask you to come in ahead of time so they can order the precise type of extension they’ll need to match your hair.

Keratin Hair Extensions vs. Traditional Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions available, but keratin hair is the only one that is truly permanent. While their natural locks grow out, some people choose clip-on or semi-permanent solutions like weaving and braiding.

You may air dry your keratin hair extension the same way you would with your hair, unlike temporary additions like tape-in and clip-in hair extensions. Due to its heat-resistant qualities, you may also straighten or curl it without any issues.

Because the extensions are bonded in, you should avoid letting them tangle or “yanking” them. But aside from that, you can style them whenever and however you want.

The Best Candidate for keratin bond Extensions?

Even though keratin bond extensions work with any type of hair, some people will gain more from them than others.

People with short, thin, or damaged/over-processed hair are the greatest candidates for keratin hair extensions.

These extensions are ideal for adding highlights or covering up a terrible haircut.

Installing hair extensions is not advised for those who are experiencing rapid hair loss.

How Are Keratin Bond Extensions Installed?

It can take up to two hours or longer for a skilled stylist to set up the keratin bond extension. You should book the salon earlier to avoid any inconvenience. Also, you can carry your favorite magazine or book to keep you entertained throughout the whole process.

Here is a detailed explanation of how the hot infusion method is carried out; 

  1. To remove grime and surplus oil, your natural hair is washed. It is then carefully combed to eliminate tangles and knots.
  2. Following the division of your hair into sections, a little bit of your natural hair will be taken, and pre-bonded extensions will be glued in place beneath it, 1/2 inch from the root.
  3. By using a hair extension tool to melt the keratin bonding adhesive, the extensions are joined to the natural hair.
  4. The stylist molds the melted keratin adhesive into a solid attachment by kneading it between their fingers.
  5. The stylist will proceed to the bottom section and gradually work their way up.
  6. When every extension is in place, you can comb through your hair and arrange it any way you like.

Is There Another Method That Doesn’t Involve Heat?

You have the option of using the more modern installation known as the “cold method,” which is equally as effective as the more conventional hot method.

The cold-fusion technique or micro-link extensions are other names for this contemporary approach.

This bonds keratin extensions to your natural hair using ultrasound or sonic technology.

The ultrasonic vibrations used in this method force the keratin-based adhesive to solidify, forming a solid link with the natural hair.

The glue can be attached to the natural hair in this way without being heated and melted.

The Benefits of Keratin Hair Extensions

1. Gives You A Natural Look

Compared to other installation techniques, bonding extensions can give you a more natural appearance. The bond’s placement replicates the natural layered texture of the hair, allowing for freedom of movement and a more natural appearance.

Not only is this hair fix excellent, but it also feels and appears natural. It is hard for others to tell that you are using extensions because they blend in with your natural hair.

2. Safe to the Skin

The use of keratin glue is gentle on your scalp and hair. Extensions can be attached and removed with little harm to your natural hair and scalp when the installation is done correctly.

If you intend to use keratin for extensions, you don’t need to be concerned about experiencing allergic reactions or significant hair damage. Additionally, it has been proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive scalps.

3. High durability

The extensions can last longer than other types of hair extensions because keratin bonds produce a sturdy installation. Depending on how you care for them, they could last for 2 to 6 months.

However, they will still hold without significant shredding or breaking even if you don’t know how to care for them at first. Expect some minor shedding, though, as a result of natural factors.

4. Simple to Style

Similar to how you would style, color, and straighten your natural hair, you may do the same with hair extensions. Depending on your mood that day, you can try on several hairstyles!

Care And Maintenance Tips For Keratin Bond Extension

Taking care of keratin hair extensions is easy. After your installation, your stylist will go over several critical steps with you. The majority of the time, you may take care of your locks the same way you would take care of your natural hair, but there are a few limitations due to the nature of the keratin bond. 

Below are the crucial tips you should know;

  • Wait 48 hours before washing your hair to allow your newly placed keratin bonds to fully fix.
  • Avoid shampooing your hair every day. Limit your washings to not more than twice per week because more than that will harm your keratin bond extensions.
  • Swimming should be rare. Your keratin linkages may become weakened by the chlorine and salt in the sea, causing those extensions to fall out.
  • Warm water causes hair to tangle, thus cold water is preferable.
  • Use shampoos designed specifically for hair extensions. Alcohol, sulfate, and silicone must not be present in the product.
  • To detangle your extensions, only use a specific brush.
  • Avoid using conditioners and other oily or creamy hair products. These will grease up your roots, which could cause the bonds to slip.
  • When you style your hair, use low to moderate heat.
  • To avoid knots, braid or ponytail your hair before going to bed.
  • Get a blowout regularly. This aids in making your hair silky.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Removal

Extensions are easily removed thanks to the application of a specialized bond remover. The keratin is broken down by an alcohol-based solution, allowing the bonds to release without damaging the hair. This article on how to remove keratin bond extensions will guide you through the whole process.

Factors To Consider Before Getting A Keratin Bond Extension

Even though keratin bond extensions are compatible with many hair types, there are some things you need to consider before getting one. They include;

1. Cost

The price of keratin hair extensions varies considerably. It depends on how many strands you want to add, the condition of your existing hair, and the salon. The cost of keratin hair extensions varies depending on the hairdresser.

They can cost between $500 and $800 if you want to add an average amount of hair or roughly 100 strands. The cost of a full head of extensions could reach $3,000 in some cases.

Be cautious because many salons that don’t focus primarily on hair sell substandard hair extensions.

2. The thickness of Hair Extensions

Too thick or thin hair extensions could do more harm than good. Therefore, it’s best to select the thickness that best suits your demands. Overly thin extensions could easily fall off, whilst too thick ones might stress your natural hair and be uncomfortable to wear.

3. Length of Hair Extensions

The length and volume of your natural hair determine how long your keratin bond hair extensions will be.

Mini-bond extensions are preferred by people with shorter, thinner hair, while medium-sized additions are chosen by people with longer hair.

The Drawbacks of Keratin Hair Extensions

1. Damaging Effects Of Chemical Treatments

Your hair contains the protein keratin naturally, but when it is used in chemical processes like straightening and smoothing, it can harm the strands. This is because water cannot penetrate your hair’s ends, causing breakage, due to the strength of the keratin bonds. Because of this, you are less protected from external stresses, which means that your keratin treatment not only damages your hair but also causes more progressive wear and tear on your locks.

2. Water Loss In Curly And Wavy Hair

Water loss is one of the main ways that keratin bonds can destroy your hair. When the bindings are put on, they seal off the cuticle, which causes it to become dehydrated. This is a particular issue for curly and wavy hair, which is already prone to dryness. Moisture is necessary for curly and wavy hair to stay healthy and frizz-free, therefore if the bonds stop moisture from entering, it can lead to a variety of issues.

3. Breaking Hair 

Your natural hair may be at risk if you use hair extensions. Since the attached strands are heavier than your natural hair, they strain on it and could lead to more breakage and hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is tape or keratin bond extensions better?

Keratin bonds are preferable for those who do not wish to visit the salon as frequently because they last longer than tapes before needing to be reapplied. They are fantastic for anyone who desires more creative freedom with their hairstyle.  

2. Can you wear your hair up with keratin extensions?

Yes, even with keratin bond extensions, you can wear your hair up.

You can style your hair as you like, including wearing it up in a bun or ponytail, because the extensions readily blend in with your natural hair.

3. Do hair extensions help your hair grow?

Whether you prefer the Hand-tied, Tape-in, Clip-in, or Micro-Link technique, properly installed hair extensions can actually encourage the growth of your natural hair. You can style your hair in a variety of ways and protect it from harm by using hair extensions.

4. How do you sleep comfortably with hair extensions?

Put your hair up in a loose ponytail or braid and fasten it with a silk scrunchie for the best method of sleeping with hair extensions. The ideal pillowcase to use for your head should be silk. A nice alternative to pillowcases is silk hats.

5. Are keratin hair extensions reusable?

You can reuse keratin extensions up to three times. Of course, how well you care for your extensions will have a big impact on how good your appearance is. The lifespan of your extensions will be significantly extended by routine gentle brushing, appropriate shampooing with conditioner, and proper installation by a skilled salon.


Keratin bond extensions work wonders in making the hair look voluminous. The maintenance routine is not complex and easier for everyone to follow. 

You will need to have patience, money, and time to install the keratin bond extension. In return, you will get the look you deserve.

Although there are certain drawbacks, overall keratin hair extensions are a fantastic technique to add length, volume, and fullness that you could never attain by yourself.

Discuss with your salon to determine whether keratin bond extensions are good for you before trying. 


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