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Best Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

Curly hair requires time and effort to straighten with heat treatment. Just like its appearance, the curls tangle easily, and you will lose more hair the more you comb. Unfortunately, using flat irons and blow dryers is not the safest resort as too much heat will also weaken the strands. As such, try out the best keratin treatment for curly hair now. 

What Is Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair?

A keratin treatment is a hair shampoo, mask, conditioner, or serum that is infused with the keratin protein to strengthen your hair structure. This keratin protein is found naturally in your hair, but continued exposure to harsh elements and strenuous styling procedures weakens its effectiveness. Thus, supplementing with keratin artificially can give good results.

When you use a keratin treatment, you can expect your hair to feel smoother for easy styling. You can also choose a straightening treatment that will leave your strands sleek and straight. Whether you need to smoothen or straighten hair, the two outcomes aid in easier styling for months before the treatment wears out. 

Before you buy a treatment, it is also imperative that you know how to apply it. The treatment works in three stages to relax, neutralize, and condition your hair, and you can only get these good outcomes if you apply the treatment correctly. If you do not know how to apply it safely, you can carry the treatment to a salon where a qualified professional will apply it. 

Would you like to know if keratin treatment is good for curly hair? Check out our detailed guide that shares the dos and don’ts of keratin treatment for curly hair and the side effects that come with it. If you have black afro hair, you might want to check out the best keratin treatment for black afro hair.

Before we share how to apply a keratin treatment safely, here are the best treatments you can get today for curly hair. 

4 Best Curly Hair Keratin Treatments

1. Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum

If you want to try a keratin treatment at home, the best product would be a serum. This VITAMIN hair serum is infused with a strong keratin extract to reduce frizz and dryness and detangle your curly hair. 

Image source: VITAMINS Hair Cosmetics

Apart from the keratin extract, the bottle also contains argan and coconut oils to moisturize and rejuvenate your hair strands. In addition, the serum also has the Biotin Castor oil that nourishes your hair and prevents breaking when you style. 

The easy-to-apply serum will give your hair more shine while reducing your uncooperating curls to sleek strands you can rock to many events. It is an aqua-based formaldehyde sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free serum ideal for any hair type, even hair recovering from chemical or color treatments. You can also apply it daily to clean hair.


  • Best keratin treatment for curly hair
  • Easy to apply and suitable for all hair types
  • Aqua-based serum infused with keratin, argan oil, coconut oil, and Biotin castor oil to restore good hair health
  • It contains a Collagen boost to improve hair strength
  • It will reduce frizz and make hair easier to style


  • A bit expensive
  • It may cause dryness for some

2. Kerazon Brazilian Keratin Treatment 

If you need a complete hair treatment set to apply at the salon, this Kerazon Brazilian keratin treatment is the best option to buy. The treatment comes in three bottles, one containing a pre-treatment shampoo, the second with the keratin treatment, and the last bottle containing an after-keratin hair mask. 

Image source: Kerazon Professional

It is ideal to have a professional hairstylist apply this treatment rather than doing it at home. The set is a complete hair treatment with Green keratin obtained from cereals, while the creams also help balance your hair pH for stronger strands. The keratin in the cream is bonded to amino acids and infused with Buriti oil to maintain hydration.

This treatment requires three washes: the pre-wash, then the keratin treatment wash, and then the hair mask rinse. After the application, you will need to dry your hair with a blow dryer, then style it with a flat iron to lock in the nutrients. 


  • Complete salon treatment for curly hair
  • It contains Green keratin and Buriti oil to repair and moisturize your hair
  • Relatively affordable
  • Cruelty-free
  • No formaldehyde or other harsh ingredients
  • Color safe


  • Not so easy to apply at home
  • No application tools in the package

3. Suave Professionals Keratin-Infusion Dry Shampoo

If you have a keratin treatment and would like to make sure it is effective, using dry shampoo is the best move. You will need to leave your hair unwashed for several days after an initial keratin treatment, so using dry shampoo for the first wash could help maintain the new hair strength and nutrients.

While you may use this Sauve dry shampoo after a keratin treatment, it is also ideal as a keratin treatment on its own. It is infused with keratin and is formulated with the Keralock technology, thus a good way to prepare your hair for a keratin treatment. 

Image source: Sauve

The dry shampoo is easy to use even on the move; you will only need to spray the waterless formula into your hair and massage it in. Not only will this treatment improve your hair strength and shine, but it will also absorb oils and grease to keep your head clean.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Infused with keratin, it is a good hair treatment
  • Cleans hair
  • Smells awesome 


  • It might leave a white residue on the hair

4. Nutree Amazonliss Keratin Hair Treatment

Are you looking for a keratin treatment to deal with unruly hair frizz? This Amazonliss set is the best option for your curly mane. The set has three bottles; a pre-keratin shampoo, the keratin treatment, and an intensive hair mask. Best applied in a salon and by a professional, this keratin treatment comes in liquid form, and it is easy to apply in a few steps. 

Image source: Nutree Cosmetics

First, your stylist will use the shampoo to clean your hair, thus removing all dirt, oil, and other residues. Then, they will dry your hair about 80% with a blowdryer and apply the treatment from bottom to tip. When done applying the treatment, they will use cold air to dry your hair before using a flat iron to lock in the treatment.

The final process includes rinsing the hair after flat ironing, applying the intensive hair mask, rinsing it off after 5 minutes and finally blow drying it to style. This treatment is made with natural extracts like rice, cacao, soya, wheat, and acai to feed more nutrients to your hair. With proper application, the treatment should last about three months, even with regular washing.


  • Best keratin treatment with natural extracts
  • Best for curly hair with uncontrollable frizz
  • It comes as a complete set with a shampoo and hair mask
  • It can last up to three months with proper care


  • A bit expensive
  • Hard to apply at home
  • Not gluten-free

How to Apply the Keratin Treatments for Curly Hair

As mentioned earlier, a keratin treatment smoothens your curly hair to make it easier to style. However, if you need to straighten your curls, you can also choose a straightening treatment. Whichever treatment you choose, here are a few basic steps to follow when applying.

  1. Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to remove dirt and oils. To give your hair a fair chance of receiving all keratin benefits, you have to remove all product, oil, and dirt buildup to expose the hair cuticles. Massage the shampoo thoroughly through the hair and scalp, then rinse several times to get it all off. 
  2. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or blow dryer, but ensure to only remove 80% of the water. It is important to apply the treatment to damp hair, so it gets absorbed easily.
  3. Start applying the treatment from near the scalp to the tip, but avoid applying it on the scalp to avoid irritation. It is also best to apply in sections, so you don’t leave any hair strand untreated. Let the treatment sit for about 10 minutes, then blow-dry.
  4. After blow-drying hair, use a flat iron to seal the keratin treatment. It is also best to do this in small sections to make sure you flat iron each hair strand.
  5. After flat ironing, use lukewarm water to rinse the hair to apply a hair mask if necessary. Rinse the hair mask off, then dry with a blow dryer. 
  6. The treatment is done, and you can style your hair as necessary. 

Benefits Of Using the Best Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you want to avoid long hours in front of a mirror, comb in hand, trying to painfully detangle your hair, especially after a wash. If you use the keratin treatment, here are some of the best benefits you will enjoy:

  • It will smoothen your curls so your hair is easy to style for months.
  • It will prevent frizz for months.
  • It will add more shine to your hair.
  • It prevents fading if you have color-treated your hair.
  • It improves the hair’s curly texture even after the treatment wears off.

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