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Babyliss vs Chi Flat Iron: A Comparative Analysis

Babyliss and Chi Flat Iron are both used to straighten the hair. They are one of the best hair straighteners you can use. I know you are wondering which one is the best between the two. In this article I’m going to inform you about the history, materials they are created from, price, and design of each.

In general Babyliss is known for manufacturing the best hair straighteners using nanotechnology. Many professional stylists recommend Babyliss straighteners.

On the other hand Chi Flat Iron is made of ceramic. It was also used widely by professions but in recent years its popularity has decreased. We are going to use their best brand to differentiate their characteristics.

Brand History


Babyliss pro was founded by Rene Lelievre who is a renowned hair stylist. He started Babyliss company in the 1960s where he later sold it to Conair Corporation. It is the best selling company in technologically advanced hair tools and hair products.

Chi Flat Iron

Farouk Shami was the founder of the first hair straightener that Chi company sold. He used all the knowledge he knew on hair styling to come up with this hair straightener. 

The company has been existing since 1986 where it grew up to become the best company that sells the best hair straighteners. 

Materials of the plates


Most plates in babyliss are made of titanium. The reason they use titanium is because it is durable, lightweight, less prone to breakages and corrosion. Titanium is also a good conductor of heat and it gets heated quickly to the required temperatures. It produces enough power and retains heat between every pass making it the best straightener for thick coarse hair. 

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Chi Flat Irons 

Chi Flat Irons are made of ceramic plates. Ceramic plates distribute heat evenly across the plate producing a gentler heat. These ceramic plates produce far-infrared, that heats the hair inside out keeping the moisture locked instead of drying the hair. Another advantage is that it is very smooth and is able to glide the hair without putting a lot of effort into pulling it out.

Not only are Chi Flat Irons made of ceramic some are added tourmaline. It is infused with ceramic to produce more negative ions. This helps in dry, frizzy hair where it neutralises the positive charges making it smooth and shiny.


Babyliss Irons

Babyliss irons are modelled with an edge. However, according to housing sizes and shapes they are different. The housing size depends on the size of the iron while for shapes some are slim and streamlined while others have both round barrels and plate edges for curling and straightening at the same time.

Chi Flat Iron

Chi Flat Iron can also create curls and straighten the hair at the same despite their shape. Most of their irons have the same sizes in different models. Despite them having the same size they still win with having the best design. Some are designed in such a way that they are black with golden plates, others have pink patterns, midnight violet, golden glitter, caribbean blue and marbles.

Heat setting control 

Both companies produce straighteners that you can adjust the temperature. In Babyliss irons the temperature is up to 450 farads while for Chi Flat Irons the temperature is up to 425 farads.

In Babyliss the temperature control and power button is located on the side of the iron while for Chi Flat Irons it is located inside below the plates.

Chi Flat Irons have the best location of the buttons because you can’t reach them while working with it and accidentally switching it off or adjusting the temperature.


The size of the straightener depends on the type of hair you are working on. Short hair is best done with narrow straighteners while long hair is best with wide straighteners. Narrow straighteners are preferred for short hair because they are able to reach the roots while wide straighteners are preferred because they serve a large section of the hair thus saving time spent on doing long hair.

Both companies manufacture different sizes of straighteners. They are from size ½ which is the smallest, ¾ , 1 ½ , up to size 2.

The smaller flat irons are nice because they are portable. It is easy to carry them when travelling. 


Warranty is offered in both companies. They are very certain about their original products and they stand by their quality. 

Babyliss company wins here. They offer a warranty of 4 years while Chi Flat Irons offer a warranty of 2 years. Note that when you buy any flat iron online sites like amazon or non-authorized retailers you won’t be offered warranty. Inorder to get a warranty make sure you purchase from the companies site, their authorised retail shops or a beauty supply shop like Ultra beauty.

Price point 

The prices of the flat irons go hand in hand in both companies. They don’t have much difference. The price of an iron is determined by its features. The best performing irons cost around $100 or even above it. However flat irons from babyliss company are slightly more expensive than the flat irons from Chi Flat Irons company. It’s worth investing in either brands because you are assured of a good quality product.

Extra features


The babyliss tools have the best handle because they are lightweight hence easy to hold and you don’t get tired faster. If you are a person who does your hair alone then this is the best brand to go for because you won’t get tired very much.

Auto shut-off 

This is a feature that every company has incorporated in their flat irons. However not every type of flat iron has these features. We’ve written about the auto shut off feature on Chi straighteners here.

Digital screen

A digital screen is used to show the user the temperature of the flat iron. Also they help the user to set the temperature. Both companies manufacture some flat irons with digital screens.  

Quick heat up. 

This feature is not also applied in all flat irons, but both brands have flat irons that heat up quickly.


Getting a hair straightener from either of these brands is the best choice. They both produce quality tools. However Babyliss emerges as the winner when the performance, features, materials and design are compared to Chi Iron Flats. 

Babyliss flat irons are made of titanium which is durable, maintains moisture in the hair and also there is minimal damage to the hair. Also, Babyliss flat irons have the highest temperature setting which saves time because it straightens the hair very fast. Moreover it has numerous temperature settings. Not forgetting their four years warranty. This also makes them more advantageous than Chi Flat Irons.

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