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Flat Iron Sizes Chart Every Hair Length & Thickness

If you are not a professional, choosing a flat iron that will be safe and effective for your hair might be difficult. Flat irons are not a one-size-fits-all, and the length and thickness of your hair will determine the right size in the flat iron sizes chart. 

These devices come in different sizes depending on your preference and needs, and they range from small portable ones to large models meant for people with longer hair. Generally, the longer your hair, the bigger flat iron size you will get away with, but the styling will be harder. 

Now that you know that there are different sizes of flat irons in the flat iron sizes chart, and they are meant for different uses, let’s dive deeper into the flat iron sizes chart.

1. Small Flat Irons

These hair straighteners feature a plate width of 0.5 to 0.75 inches, suitable for people with short hair, including men’s hair. Small-sized flat irons work well with hair close to the scalp and are great for traveling, thanks to their portability. However, the plates are narrow, so you will need to work on small sections. 

When Do You Need a Small Flat Iron?

small flat iron
Small Flat Iron

Small flat irons are great for mixing your style with different textures to achieve different styling options. They make perfect solutions for finishing touches on edgy looks, short styles and achieving the perfect clip. The small flat iron works well on all hair types, ranging from fine to coarse and even damaged and fragile hair. 

Thanks to the small size, it’s easier to hold and flatten the shorter strands without the risk of burning your knuckles or accidentally touching skin or other body parts with hot plates. You will also manage to maneuver it around the short hairstyles easier. 

2. Standard Size (1-1.5 Inch)

Standard flat irons are the most common flat irons, and they come in 1-inch wide plate sizes that match every hair length and hair type. In addition, they are suitable for creating medium curls, waves and twists. However, they are too big for the shortest hair lengths as they will pull out more than need be, and it will be difficult if you try straightening them to slightly longer lengths. 

When Do You Need a Standard Flat Iron?

Flat Iron Sizes Chart for standard iron
Standard Flat Iron

You need this size for all hair lengths except for the short, pixie cuts and the long hair over your shoulder. They are ideal sizes for short to medium hair, especially if you have short hair or need to smooth out or style messily into curls or waves.

Standard sizes are perfect for achieving the straight, wavy and messy looks, and they can be used for touchups. In addition, you can use them whenever you want to make unwanted waves and make your curls fall, especially when you have applied a cream or a gel.

3. Large Flat Irons

Any hair straighteners with plate sizes of 1.25-inch and above are considered large as they can straighten your hair quicker. You should get such hair straighteners if you have long, thick, curly hair. This is because the broad plates will allow you to work a wide section at a time, so your hair won’t suffer for long. 

When Do You Need a Large Flat Iron?

Flat Iron Sizes Chart for large iron
Large Flat Iron

You may need a large flat iron size if you have long and thick hair because it qualifies as a great size for waves and looser curls. Opt for a large flat iron that distributes heat evenly for the best results. 

However, you should avoid a flat iron with large plates if you have damaged and thin hair. Thanks to its high temperature and large area, it will damage your hair which can easily burn and dry out fine hair.

Why Is it Necessary to Choose the Right Flat Iron Size?

Since flat irons come in different shapes and sizes, you must understand why picking the right flat iron size is crucial. Some of the reasons why choosing the appropriate flat iron size include:

The size of the flat iron plates determines the amount of heat that will be applied to your hair and how straight it can get. Long hair and more layers need a large plate size to ensure you reach all your hair areas in one go. However, the large flat irons may damage fine hair with too many passes over each section and also, since you cant cover a lot of hair with this size, you might take longer to create hairstyles. 

However, small plates are suitable for short and fine hair since they are perfect for focusing on specific areas of your hair. This plate size will also get you more curls and waves in the different areas of your hair. 

Notably, depending on yur curl pattern, your hair thickness, and your style, you might need different plate sizes. For example, when styling your hair for the first time, use a large plate size and ensure you don’t miss any hair sections. However, if you have curly or straight hair, use a smaller plate size to get more defined waves and curls. 

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