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How To Get Curls Back After Keratin Treatment

Most people use Keratin treatment to make hair straight and curl-free. However, keratin is also used to make hair shiny and frizz-free while not harming curls. Unfortunately, this does not always go as planned, and your curls may become overly smooth. It might seem impossible to have your curls back after a keratin treatment but don’t worry. You can have a head full of curls again. Scroll down to know more.

Types of Keratin Treatments

The process for returning to your natural curls will vary depending on your hair treatment. There are two types of keratin treatment:

  • Keratin Smoothing 
  • Keratin Straightening

1. Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing can be referred to as Keratin Express or Soft Keratin treatment. It helps retain the curls and takes less time than the full blowout. In addition, it makes the hair frizz-free and shiny. 

2. Keratin Straightening

Keratin straightening, or Brazilian blowout, is a chemical procedure that can make hair look straighter for up to 6 months.

It’s usually an hour-long process in which the Brazilian blowout treatment is blow-dried into your hair and then flat ironed over. This normally results in curls that are completely straightened or relaxed.

How to Return Curls after Keratin Straightening

If you regret your Brazilian treatment in less than 48 hours, you can have your curls back. First, you can wash your hair thoroughly to wash away the keratin treatment chemical and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Wash

If you had applied the keratin treatment longer than 48 hours, washing thoroughly can also help reverse its effect. Even though the first wash won’t completely reverse it, it will help remove the chemicals. 

Step 2: Sulfate and Sea Salt

Mix a sulfate shampoo with sea salt instead of the usually recommended sulfate-free shampoo. This will exfoliate your hair and help to remove the treatment.

You can apply the mixture to your entire head or a section of your hair if you discover it was overly treated. However, this should only be done for a short period of time. Along with the chemical treatment, this mixture can deplete good nutrients from your hair.

Step 3: Moisturize

Instead of frequently washing the hair, you should use deep conditioning treatments. Washing frequently is not good for curly hair, and it makes it increases frizz.

How to Return Curls After Keratin Smoothing

Keratin smoothing improves the appearance of curly hair by removing frizz, increasing shine, and keeping the curl shape. Even so, it might be that the amount of keratin used or the treatment time was insufficient to achieve your desired look.

If you want to keep your curls tight, leaving the treatment in for too long may cause the curls to relax or even change the texture of your hair.

Step 1: Wash The Hair

Removing this treatment will require more washing. Fewer chemicals are used in keratin smoothening and require less time to remove.

You can follow the steps of the keratin treatment, but if the results are not pleasing, you can persist with frequent washing with normal shampoo and conditioner.

However, the best course of action is to wait it out due to the risk of hair damage. In any case, smoothing procedures typically only last for two months.

Step 2: Styling Your Natural Hair While It Grows

Your hair’s natural curls and texture will come back as it grows. This implies that the new growth will stand out from the treated hair’s appearance. Apply natural moisturizing treatments to your entire head if you want to maintain its appearance during this awkward phase.

Once a week, deep condition your hair, and only wear your hair curly. Avoid blow-drying and let your hair dry naturally if you’re at ease.

Avoid doing too much on your hair because some of the keratin treatment will remain in the hair regardless of your effort.

Things To Avoid

  • Avoid using anything more than a leave-in conditioner or styling cream. Not only can some products harm your hair, but you can also help the keratin stay in place for longer.
  • Avoid any additional chemical treatments, heat damage, or excessive styling, such as extensions, as these will further stress your hair. While “stressing” your hair will not affect the keratin, it will increase the possibility of breakage.  

 Additional pro tips

  • During the growing-out phase, keep hair pinned or tucked away. Use nourishing hair oils and masks.
  • To reduce friction, sleep with a silk wrap or pillowcase.
  • Reduce the use of heat styling tools.
  • Keep hairstyles loose—tight ponytails will cause strands to tangle.
  • Regularly trim your hair until all of the relaxed ends are gone. 
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair.


A properly applied keratin treatment can significantly improve the beauty of your curls. However, a Keratin treatment is not the end for your curly hair if you have a poor result or simply miss your natural hair.

There are safe, natural ways to get rid of the keratin treatment from your curls. So while you wait for new hair to fill in and the keratin to disappear from the treated areas naturally, you can also keep up your appearance.

Avoid over-correcting in a panic by using more keratin or even another treatment. If you have patience, conditioner, and water, you’ll soon have your curly hair back.

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