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Vitamins To Make Hair Grow Faster

vitamins to make hair grow faster

Nutrition is a big part of having healthy, fast growing hair. A lack of vitamins, minerals, and proteins can cause hair to grow slowly and become dry and brittle. Fortunately, you can improve the health of your hair and help it grow quicker by taking the proper vitamins.

Why Vitamins Are Important For Hair

Our whole body needs nourishment. If you aren't getting enough vitamins, you will likely see that your hair breaks easily, feels dry, and grows slowly. This is because your body is using what little nutrients it is getting to keep the rest of your body working, leaving your hair follicles undernourished. When hair follicles aren't getting enough nourishment, they cannot produce healthy, fast growing hair.

5 Vitamins To Make Hair Grow Faster

1. Niacin:
Niacin is a very important nutrient for hair. This B Vitamin helps maintain a healthy circulation system throughout the body. Niacin helps move minerals, proteins, and vitamins, and other nutrients to your hair follicles.

2. Pantothenic Acid:
Pantothenic Acid is another B Vitamin that is essential for healthy hair growth. In fact, the Huntington College of Health Studies found that a deficiency of Pantothenic Acid could lead to thinning hair or hair loss. Pantothenic Acid works with other B Vitamins to metabolize fats and proteins. This nourishes and strengthens your hair follicles.

3. Folic Acid:
Folic Acid is a vitamin that is crucially important for healthy cell and tissue growth. This nutrient also helps the body absorb other B Vitamins, so it's important to take Folic Acid with other hair growth nutrients.

4. Vitamin H:
Vitamin H is also referred to as Biotin, or Vitamin B7. You have probably already heard of Biotin, but it's important to know that Biotin alone won't help your hair grow faster - Biotin needs to be taken with other vitamins in order to be absorbed properly.

5. Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is well known for being the "energy" vitamin. If you're not getting enough of this vitamin you may feel tired, weak, or even have anemia. The good news is that B12 can not only make you feel better, it can also make your hair grow faster and look healthier.

How To Take These Vitamins For Hair

Healthy foods will supply some of these vitamins, but the fact is that the nutrients you absorb from food will go to nourish your body's major organs first. Unfortunately this means that your hair follicles only get what's left over, and most of the time this can leave your hair literally starved for nutrition.

The best way to make up for this deficiency is to take a daily hair supplement. Hair Formula 37 contains all of these necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins your hair needs to grow longer, faster. When you take one of these supplements, you know that you're getting the type of vitamins that are good for your hair and your overall health.


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