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Fast Hair Growth Vitamin Reviews and Testimonials

HF37 Customer Reviews

There are over 4,000 user submitted testimonials in our records. Hair Formula 37 testimonials are hair vitamin reviews written by REAL people.

Over the years, thousands of people have used Hair Formula 37 to get fast growing hair, and they have shared their results by submitting reviews.

Every single one of the reviews we receive are written by actual customers. Customers submit their reviews using this form here, and the reviews are posted on our site here without any editing or altering.

Compare for yourself! No other company has as many reviews as Hair Formula 37 does. This is further proof that Hair Formula 37 vitamins do work, and many people continue to use our hair care products to get fast growing hair that they love.

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"After just one month I noticed results and have been taking the vitamins for three months now. I absolutely love it and my hair has already grown about three inches!"

- Gabrielle, North Carolina

hair growth vitamins reviews
"It's been a month since starting HF37, and I've seen amazing results! I've already had to trim my bangs (I keep them cut straight across) and I've noticed that overall I also feel healthier, too!" 
 - Facebook Fan Review

"My hair and scalp have never been this healthy and shiny, I am loving what this formula is doing for my hair. I have now decided to transition from processed hair to natural since my hair is looking so good. Thank you for helping me to have my best hair EVER!" 
 - Jacinda Crum-Ewing

"I love this product I have been using it for a while now I've got a lot of girls out you're interested in this product. I put in the word how I have a lot more girls using this project now to get their hair to grow back and come back naturally and long thank you for your product I love it very much I'm going to keep putting the word out all Over more and more clients to buying your product because of me thank you..Keep up the good work I love your product it the best thing out there I've ever been able to use even on my own now." 
 - Jennifer Ortiz, Facebook Review

"Hi my name is Caresa LeAnn Thornton and I have been using Hair Formula 37 Vitamins sense August of 2013 up until now and I love my results. Every time I look in the mirror I can see my hair growing a little longer. I have told everyone around me about these vitamins because I get endless compliments on how fast my hair is growing! Thank you HF37 I will be a customer for life!" 
 - Caresa Thornton, Texas

"On my second lot of vits...loving the difference it's making to my hair" 
 - Stacey Hill, Facebook Review
"This stuff is definitely working. I had my roots done just over 3 weeks ago and I can see a regrowth now. It makes my hair lovely and soft as well. I am halfway through the vitamin things so goodness knows how long it will be once I have finished them." 
 - Vanessa P., United Kingdom

"these are amazing hair vitamins. highly recommended!!!"

- Lynn R., Facebook Review

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