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Hair Formula 37 Reviews

There are over 4,000 user submitted testimonials in our records. Hair Formula 37 testimonials are hair vitamin reviews written by REAL people.

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"I have being using this product (Vitamins and Booster) for about 3 months now. My hair is softer and I no longer have split ends. Will update you in 3 more months."
- ABS, Atlanta

"I am an Native American with very curly hair and I have always had Formula 37 vitamins but were too lazy to take them...until about 3 weeks ago and I have to say I didn't think it would work on me because I have course hair, but my new growth is amazingly soft! Please buy the product you will not regret it! :)"
- MMC, United States

"I have never written a review in my life. This product works. I've spent hundreds on hair products and this one actually left me with satisfaction. My hair grew about 3/4-1 inch in one month. I will order it again!"
- SC, Detroit, MI

"This product is the real deal. I bought the step one and step two set . My husband measured my hair each week and after day 25 I had an inch of growth. We both are in amazement. The softness ,texture and shine are unbelievable. I am impressed that I have no stomach upset with the vitamins and I also bought the herbal booster too and love it as well. Truly an amazing product! Thank you :)"
- Jacklyn, Iowa

"I highly recommend using Hair Formula 37 vitamin system! I have relaxed and curly hair. Not only did I notice new growth quickly, my hair breaks less and is healthier. I just ordered my second set of vitamins ! "
- JM, Las Vegas

"I must say this stuff really works! Before I started I had just gotten a trim and now my roots are so much more visible. I've also noticed that when I do straighten my hair it stays straighter. Definitely placing an order for another month."
- Elizabeth M, Texas

"The results I have noticed is that my hair is really soft and shiny! I can see 1/2 cm of growth showing from a dyed hairline. So far looking good as to what I expected. I'm hoping to get really long hair after this. Right now my hair is a little past my shoulders. I'll update again for week two!"
- , Cincinnati, Ohio

"I'm not one to write reviews but I wanted to express how my hair has become much healthier since taking the vitamins. I've used the formula for just a month so far. My hair isn't growing as fast as I like but it is growing. My skin is absolutely flawless though. I'm sure with continued use I'll see the results I want in my hair"
- LMS, Seattle

"I'm always skeptical of products I find on the internet, however Hair Formula 37 was one I decided to try since nothing I did or took was helping my thin, breaking hair even though I'm only 21. After just one month I noticed results and have been taking the vitamins for three months now. I absolutely love it and my hair has already grown about three inches!"
- Gabrielle, North Carolina

"This is the first time I have ever reviewed a product, the only reason for this is because I want to let people know that this product really does work! My hair is so soft and doesn't get tangled so easily anymore but the best thing is, it makes my hair grow fast! It truly does, I have been using only the vitamins for a month now and everyone has noticed my hair is longer! Thank you for making this product and actually giving us a product that gives results."
- Juanita,

"I love this product. My hair feels nice and looks healthy."
- Reema, London

"I have been using HAIR formula 37 for three weeks now. I was so upset with a bad perm/coloring job it mad my hair uneven and broken off in the back. Since using the formula, I have noticed a huge difference in new growth. I do not know how long it is, but I am going in to get my hair done in a few days, and hopefully I will see a difference. My nails, however, have grown quite a bit."
- Tiffany,

"This product is by far the best product I have ever used. I have been using the vitamins for four months now. Four months ago my hair was damaged from heat and so unhealthy. It was shoulder lenghth then. Now, my hair is just above my butt. It used to be so dry and dull but now it is super shiny, thicker, definitley longer, healthier, and beautiful! My hair grows really slow and this product tripled my hair growth no joke. I highly recommend this product."
- S.M., NJ, USA

"I used to have very long, thick hair, and I loved it. It started falling out and got very thin. I ordered a month supply and noticed a difference in 2 weeks. My hair started growing and looked healthier and felt healthy. I was amazed at the changes and I am ordering more."
- Country Blond,

"I am extremely impressed and so happy with the results following 4 weeks of the hair formula 37 vitamins. Highly recommended after trying so many other products. Trust me! It's great!"
- L.M. , NY

"I chopped off all of my hair after ruining it with a bad bleach job two months ago. I read about Hair Formula 37 online, but didn't order it immediately as it seemed like a gimmick. After a couple of weeks of dealing with frizzy, dried out hair, I finally broke down and bought the complete program. Within 4 days, I could feel a difference in the texture of my hair. At my last hair appointment (after 4 weeks of taking the supplements), my stylist actually asked me to write down the name of the vitamins I had been using so she could recommend it to her other clients! I still had to cut another good couple of inches off the bottom of my hair to get all of the nasty dead ends off, but at a growth rate of 2 inches every 5 weeks, I think I can afford it! Just ordered my second round of the complete program. It really does work!"
- Marie, Virginia

"I ordered step one and two and received my order very quickly. I am african american and have course, dry, slow growing hair. I've taken my pills for about 2 weeks now and I have about a half inch of new growth already!! NO lie. This stuff is amazing. My hair is also alot softer and now that I think about it my skin has a glow to it as well. I'm very very happy with hair formula 37!!!!"
- shayla, PA

"I am impressed with the delivery, very fast. With vitamins I can feel the less hair falling out. It does work."
- Sumit S, California

"I have used the vitamins for almost a month now. I can tell my hair is healthier and it feels fuller. As far as growth, my bangs have grown a little bit. I got a bad hair cut last month and I found this product and gave it a try. "
- D.H.,

"Not big on writing reviews but I couldn't resist with this product!! I've been using only Strong One and Two for two weeks now. My hair is extremely shiny and has even grown! But most importantly I've battle adult female acne at the age of 33 and my skin is clear and soft. You are missing out on a miracle if you haven't tried this product!!!"
- Lynsey,

"My hair seems fuller and thicker only after a month."
- M Smith, Houston

"I just started using step 1 and 2 about 4 days ago and I can already see a difference in the texture of my hair. It is so much softer, even when I use a blow dryer or straighten it. I am hoping for some crazy growth to start soon, but as of right now, I am happy with just the shine! "
- TK,

"I placed an order for a 2-month supply on 11/16 (Tue), received shipment today on 11/19 (Fri), very speedy delivery, much appreciated! Started taking the vitamins and herbal booster today, will write in a few weeks to review on progress."
- Christy, Hong Kong

"I'm getting married in seven months. My hair was originally above my shoulder, but I wanted it as long as possible for my wedding and husband! Before I started Hair Formula37, I had a two inch dye line on my scalp from the last time I dyed it four months ago. So that would be half and inch growth in one month. I needed my hair to grow faster than that, so after some internet searching, I found this and thought to give it a shot. I've been using the vitamins for almost an entire month, and my hair has grown a little over an inch! That's twice the growth! By this rate, I should have nice long hair by my wedding!!! Good luck."
- Courtney D, Lincoln, CA


"I purchased a 3 month supply, and absolutely love the vitamins. My hair was the same for a very long time, but has grown out a lot since starting the program. I prove that this product works."
- Dess, Parma, MI

"I have used this system a couple of times now, and I will continure coming back! It takes a couple of weeks to really see it, but once it kicks in get ready! There are a lot of pills to take per day so you have to prepare. I have found the easiest way is to lay them out at my desk and take them through the day. Stick to the plan and watch it work. My family comments constantly on my hair growth! I went from cancer stricken boy buzz to fluffy pony tail in 3 years using this product only once or twice per year for a boost. My nails look great too!"
- Debi, MD

"I am 45 years old, and 'age' absolutely has a factor in healthy hair. I used this product two years ago due to thinning, friz and dry damage hair. I stopped using Formula 37 when my hair reached the length that I wanted (24 inches), however.... since I have discontinued using the product I have noticed that my hair is long YES, but healty? NO. It is back to thinning, frizzy and dry again; and I ALWAYS use professional products for cleansing. I just placed another order of Hair Formula 37 to re-gain the healthy shine back. I highly reccommend using this product."
- TMM, Iowa

"I started using the system three weeks ago and although it is not designed to make new hair grow it has worked for me. I have a lot of new hair growth and parts where was bald have been covered. Is it longer? I'm still not sure because my hair is seriously damaged and it breaks regularly. I have to wait until 45 days to see if the length changed. I also noticed that my hair has more volume and is more shiny and silky. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"
- Mary, Puerto Rico

"The Vitamins are awesome, they make your hair feel softer, look shinier, and protect your hair. For the first 3 weeks though I used it consistently, it did add some length, an extra inch maybe. Good luck everyone else, as long as you stay on top of it I would suggest for anyone to try out the product for themselves."
- A.C., New York

"Desperate for fast hair growth after a Victoria Beckham Bob became boring I was convinced to try Nioxin ( Shock horror) not only did my head feel like someone attacked me with a blow torch it actually fried the top layer of my hair..Left with no other option but to chop away the frizz leaving my top layer at a mere 2.5cm and looking disgusting.. My fringe (bangs)which almost reached shoulder length after 2 yrs of growing it out also fried and through my tears I chopped it also to just above my eye brows.. I had already been on the Hair formula 37 steps 1&2 for around a month which took my hair from a few inches above my shoulders to shoulder length prior to the nioxin incident,but I have to say my kudos really goes to this outstanding product HF37 in the 3 weeks post nioxin.. My fringe(bangs) is now 12.5cm and reach the end of my nose,the top layer of my hair has also reached 12.5 cm..My length is a good 2-3 inches past my shoulders and the thickness of my hair has alsoincreased dramatically..My nails are long and strong after they were filed paper thin thanks to a bad gel job.. My skin is clear.. My 13 year old sons words of wisdom \"Don\'t cry mum, after every storm comes a rainbow\" well hair formula 37 is the sun needed to create this rainbow and whilst I am not quite out of the bad hair day woods yet I certainly am on my way., Thank you Hair Formula 37 I have just ordered another 5 month batch this time including the herbal booster. I will be a customer for as long as this product is available.. I cannot rate a product higher�"
- SLH, Australia

"I love this stuff! It works! My hair grew fast and healthy."
- Chanda, Culpeper

"I have been taking the vitamins for about two weeks. I took before and current pics and I am shocked at the growth pleased! And I am an AA woman with relaxer hair. The last time I used this it took a lot longer to work, but it did!"
- H.W.,

"I have really curly hair, and for me too keep it tamed sometimes can be really difficult. Since I started using the vitamins I not only have noticed a difference in the way my hair looks but it is easier to manage. Plus the thickness has increased and it has grown about an inch and a half. I will continue using this product for the rest of my life.!"
- Natalie L., Grand Prairie

"Love this stuff. My hair has grown so long so fast plus it feels and looks so healthy. Thank you so much for this product in one word AMAZING!!"
- Lindsay P, Charlotte, NC

"I tried Hf37 and its the best product ever. My hair has never been so healthy. Can't wait for the next order!"
- AK, Baltimore, MD

"I used this product over summer of 2012 and it has made my hair grow a tremendous amount! Close to 3inches now, thats an inch every month! My skin and nails are thanking me for choosing this product too."
- Maiam, MN, USA

"It took me FOREVER to finally order Hair Formula 37 Vitamins. But I've been taking them for about 2 weeks now and my nails are amazing and I've been having the best hair days!"

"I was really looking for something to help my hair grow and I found this. My hair is a tiny bit longer than shoulder length and I want it to grow a lot. Hopefully one month worth will help it grow a good bit."
- KCD, Columbia, SC

"I used this product for 8 months before i got married. My hair was a very short pixie cut and when my wedding came around it was past my shoulders!!"
- C-D-L-M,

"Just started a week ago. No joke my hair seems fuller and I see a lot of new growth. Can't wait to see the results in a month!"
- Kellie, Maryland

"These vitamins are Amazing! For years I had gone to the natural store and would buy hair vitamins but nothing would ever happened. When I started taking Hair Formula 37 the results could be felt immediately and my hair grew 2 inches in one month. Insanely good. I do have to say that I also nourish my body with the best organic foods. But that wasn't enough. Thank You!"
- AB, Orlando, FL

"The results are shocking. Trust me with my testimonal I was very skeptical about this vitamin supplement and if it works at all. But for the first time I am surprised with the results and get compliments from family and friends and noticed how long my hair grew. I have curly short hair that was down to my neck when curly but when I have it blow dry straight it only reached to my collar bone. My hair grew gradually before hair formula37 but had to get a haircut due to split ends and dry. It went back to being short to my neck even straight. Now since I drink the hair formula 37 vitamins I am amazed with the results. It varies for other ppl but my hair grows fast. Two years ago I had my hair short like Halle Berry took two years to grow to my collar bone then to cut it again went back to my neck length. Sucks so I took the vitamins and now my hair is pass my shoulders when its straight when its curly its up to my collar bone. I will see the results once I finish the first set bottles then drink the second set bottles and come back with another testimonial update. Great product no side effects and keeps you alert and healthy inside and out. Try it you will be a believer like me too."
- Thalia, Queens,NY

"I have used this product for 10 days now, I have at least half an inch growth and my nails are much strong. The best result for me is my skin, it has cleared right up and it has a healthy glow. I am loving this product and will be ordering my next months supply! THX!"
- Melissa, Ontario, Canada
"These are the only vitamins I use for my hair! Love the results. My hair is growing more now than it has in two summers. My nails look the best they ever have. Gettin ready to order some more!"
- Adria, Alabama

- V.G., England

"This stuff works. I noticed a change in my hair within a week. I have very coarse, dry, brittle hair that was breaking and falling out. My hair is softer, thicker, and longer than it has ever been. The vitamins did not upset my stomach or cause any other discomforting side effects. I am now on my third month and love it."
- AE, Texas

"I know this is a hair vitamin, but ever since I started taking them, my nails have been growing like crazy! And without the splitting that I usually get. I HIGHLY recommend these vitamins to anyone who is trying to get off of the acrylics!!!"
- Lovie, Houston

"This works great but I didnt use the vitamins. I found them a little big."
- Sarah,

"The vitamins really work for me. I stuck with the vitamins and have just recently signed up for a one year supply. I too was skepticle when I read the reviews, but today I am a believer and recommend it to everyone I know. The vitamins really do work. My hair is naturally curly and was down to my waist and went for a trim and ended up with my hair to my ear loop. Now I have been on the vitamins for 3 months now and my hair reaches my bra strap on my back. So if you need a REAL & TRUE testimony, here it is. Just try the vitamins with the 45 day guarantee you have nothing to lose!!! My goal is my waist and im 100% sure I will reach by the time I finish my 1 year supply if not sooner! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? :)"
- Sonia O., Houston, TX

"I have been using these vitiamins for two months now and all I can say is wow!! My hair was shoulder length when I started and now my hair is sitting on my bra stap down my back. I just ordered my third shipment, going on three months now. Hopefully I will achieve my waist length hair by December. This is the best product ever! People can't stop staring at my hair! Thanks!!"
- Shawona S., Arlington, TX

"Well I am completey astounded. I read reviews and wondered are these people for real. I have been taking the vitamins for one week now. I washed my hair yesterday and wow! My hair has already grown 1/2 inch, and it hasn't even been a month!!! I'm excited about the results and will give an up date in a month! So far I'm sold! Hair Formula 37 does work! And no, I was not paid to say this!"

"I have been taking the vitamins and they work."
- Scotero, Texas

"For the first 2 weeks, I didnt see much of a difference in growth. Although my hair texture and managability increased tremendously!!! My hair was the sofest its ever been in a long long time..maybe since birth. Anyway, by the 3rd week I saw new growth!!! I had dyed my hair right before using this program so I definitely know what I saw wasnt in my head. Now 3 1/2 weeks into the program I have almost 1 full inch of hair!!! So happy with my results going back for seconds and reordering ASAP!"
- SM, Miami, Florida

"I'm a hair stylist and about four months ago my hair was growing very slow due haircolor and damage that caused. My scalp itched and I would only get a centimete of hair growth a month. It was terrible! After receiving this product within a week I noticed such a big difference. I know this product has saved me. My hair is so soft and its 5.6 inches I could never be any happier."
- HF,

"Several years ago I used HF37 vitamins for hair. Although I found them expensive, they worked. They were the very first hair growth products that I'd used that ACTUALLY worked. Because of the cost, I stopped purchasing them after several months. I was angry at myself because at the faster rate that my hair was growing I believe that I stopped using them too soon. After I stopped using them, my hair growth went back to being extremely slow growing. I'd like to begin purchasing them again. They really do enhance hair growth and they seem to be quite healthy for your entire body!"
- Charlene,

"My dad ordered this for me when I was sixteen and I saw results. My hair is short on the top but long on the bottom. I was amazed. It really works. I couldn't believe it. Thank you Hair Forumula 37."
- Anna, Durham, NC

"Well I got my product on Friday and I have already started my vitamins. Normally when I blow dry my hair it sheds real bad, but after just one wash and blow dry my hair didn't shed at all. And its so soft and has so much body! If I keep seeing this I'm hooked for life."

"I've been trying to grow my hair out long for FIVE years and its not even close to what I want, even when I took vitamins. I purchased Hair Formula37 after going to get a trim and the woman cut too much off. By the end of the month my hair was already longer than when I went to get it trimmed! I cant wait to re-order the hair vitamins! Thank you!"
- CP, Texas

"I am an African American woman who is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I noticed that I had slow growth and as I researched I came across HF37 and did some deep research on the product. I also compared and contrast with other hair vitamins. I did the 12 month membership because after all I have spent in the past I felt that it would be well worth it. So, now it has been 1 month a new shipment is on the way and I must say I notice 1 and 1/2 inches worth of hair growth. I'm so happy because before I used HF37 I recorded the growth rate of my hair and in a month time before my hair only grew 1/4inch and I was not happy with that. I also collect hair that come out in the month before and there was a lot of hair in my Ziploc bag and this month there is only a small normal amount. I also notice my hair is softer and I'm not sure if it's the vitamins but the texture is more manageable and soft. I love my natural hair and HF37 making it more enjoyable. I think by next January my hair should by past bra length. The tips I received from this website was also helpful. I am thankful to have found HF37 and sharing the results with many around me. I can't wait to see how it continues to grow. I am now a lifetime member and I hope you guys continue the good work. THANK YOU!!!!"
- S. Buford, AL, USA

"I have used Hair Formula 37 for three years. It REALLY WORKS! It is a keeper you got a customer for life!"
- LaToya J, Houston TX

"I used this product 5 years ago to grow out my hair for my wedding. This product really works! 4 years ago i was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and the medication I'm on has made me lose so much hair on top of my head and on the sides. I am a 25 yr old woman and my hair is a really big confidence issue for me. I just ordered this product and i am so anxious to see my hair grow back! You really can depend on this product!!!"
- Amanda, Alabama

"I've used this product for one month last year and my hair grew coninuously about 4 inches in no time! Recently I cut 10 inches off my hair and this short style got old quick. I'm going to take them everyday for one year, and with my results in the past I should have all 10 inches back in no time!"
- Lauren D., Texas

"I used Hair formula 37 back in 2003 and my hair grew faster and thicker. My hair thinned out recently due to medication, but when I used the product again amd my hair had shine, strength, and length!"
- Lidia V., Trenton, NJ

"I have tried so many hair vitamins to protect and grow my hair that didn't work. I've bought a month's supply 2 weeks ago and it seems to work. My hair is much softer and it's growing. I can see the difference. I will definitely buy more so my hair gets longer for the summer!"
- Ederson, London

"When i was diagnosed with cancer, the first thing i was worried about was losing my hair. Me being a 16 year old female, my hair is my entire confidence. Towards the end of my treatment i started looking around for quicker ways to grow my hair back so i can move on with my life. I came across hair formula 37 and was kinda iffy about trying it out. I showed my doctors all the ingredients and they said it was okay to use after my treatment. As soon as i was done with my treatment i started taking them. Now three weeks later, i have hair on my head. I now look like i purposely got a buzzcut. But hey, thats better than nothing! My family was like "Oh my! your hair is coming back fast!" and it makes me happy to hear that im finally going back to normal. Thank you Hair formula 37 for giving a recovering cancer patient her hair and confidence back. (Im cancer-free by the way!!)"
- Amanda E, Texas

"I purchased the Hair Formula 37 program to grow out my hair after receiving a very short pixie haircut. I have been using this system for 2 months and my hair has grown between 1/2 and 1 inch longer. I am going to continue this system for a year and see the amazing results. I have also noticed I'm not losing so much hair in the shower anymore since taking these vitamins with the booster. Great product!"
- A.T., Pennsylvania

"To be honest, the product is good. My hair has grown 1 inch in a month that I have been using it. I still have two months to go. I will say though that the product works amazing for adding strength & shine to your hair!"
- Anonymous, Canada

"I love this product! My hair is thin and it would take for ever to grow but not with these vitamins! It works! I buy this product 4 times a year and my hair is beautiful and long. I can dye it all I want without the fear of my hair falling off!! I love it!! And they send you great coupons via email!"
- Mikah Bautista, Beach

"Hello again HF37! It's the end of my first month trying yor product, and I'm really excited about my results. I measured my hair the first couple weeks, and it grew a month's worth (1/2 and inch) in two weeks! I've always had relativly healthy wavy hair, but the one thing it never had was shine! HF37 gave me just that! I'm sooooooo happty that I found this product and will definetly be ordering more until I reach my ultimate hair length goal!"
- K.H., Maryland

"I picked up the phone and made a hair appointment. I thought if I get my hair done I would feel so much better. Well, my stylist said my hair is so thick, that I need a relaxer. Its only been 4 weeks. This is a first, thick hair!! This means the hair vitamins are working. I thought they were doing nothing. She didn't even know I was taking anything. Once I heard that from her it was the confirmation I needed. Patience and discipline are the key. Its so easy to forget to take them, but I now know its worth it. Results definitely vary, I can only speak to thickness not growth on my 44 day experience. Try them, get yours now!"

"Five years ago, after chemotherapy and radiation, I was trying to find a good natural vitamin to help my hair grow back. I found your website at that time and tried your products. Needless to say my hair grew back faster and thicker than it ever had and everyone complimented on this because it was such a change. I had since stopped using your products but am now trying to grow my hair longer and am starting with your vitamin regimen again. If looking for a good product to help grow healthy hair look no further.. I can attest that this product does work wonders!!"
- g.l, maryland

"I have been using this system for about five weeks now. I have so far had 1 and a half inches of growth! Amazing! Great results. I am a hair stylist and the girls at work cant believe how fast my hair is growing!"
- CG,

"Customer of 3 years now! Absolutely amazing! if you dare try a different product than you must love wasting your money! This is IT for me for the rest of my life and I am only 24 years old. My daughters are 2 and 3 years old now and they too will use this product when they get older. It is safe, and actualy works! Now how many people out there can truly honestly recollect a product that is reasonable in price that actually works and to the extent it promises? If you want long and healthy hair, than look no further, you have finally found it! If you think it is too expensive to use then think about this: If you go get a cheaper product that promises these results and think you are saving money, than consider this. HMM.. 1 year later and you have seen no results and you are out hundreds of dollars. Reality: You are no longer saving money and have wasted ALL OF IT. And after wasting time and money you end up comming back here anyways. That is what happened to me. And so here I am loving my long hair with hair formula 37."
- MT, Oklahoma

"I could almost cry at how good these vitamins work. Seriously, I have tried it all including other vitamins. I have never noticed any change until hair formula 37. I have used nioxin for years and have felt that is a waste of time and money. I have not even been on these vitamins a full month yet and have almost an inch of new growth everywhere. i cannot express how happy that makes me. i have bad genetics for hair and stress a lot. my diet and meds probably dont help much either. in spite, this stuff is working and i am sharing the glorious news. i would gladly post pick of my new growth if someone wants it. Good Luck!!!"
- mmcelwee, Richmond, KY

"Hello HF37! I just wanted to say that I'm really excited to try your products! I've had pixie cuts for a few years, but now I want my longer hair back. Problem is, I killed my hair with dying jobs and it's never grown past my shoulders cause it's SUPER slow growing! So after a few months of growing it out, I could 'cut' the chemicals out of my hair. But, I found your product shortly afterwards and decided to try it as a b-day present to myself. I will write another review with results at the end of my month! Until then! XD"
- K.H., Maryland

"Really Great!"
- J.K., USA

"About five years ago I came to NYC from Los Angeles to pursue a career in high fashion modeling. I lived in an apartment with several other models that were all suffering from serious eating disorders. In little to no time, I developed an eating disorder as well. I battled anorexia for about 14 months and as a result, I lost an incredible amount of hair. Before I developed anorexia, my hair was long, shiny, and strong. My hair was very fine, but there was a lot of it, so obviously losing a lot of my hair was devastating. During the recovery process I ate a lot of protein and tried many multivitamins and supplements from various health stores to help promote new hair growth and get my hair back to the way it was. Even after I was back at a healthy weight, getting all the proper nutrition my body needed, I still had no new hair growth. I seriously thought I'd never have my hair back to the way it use to be. I came across this product 4 months ago while searching online for any possible ways I could grow my hair. I ordered the step one and step two vitamins and a soon as I got them, I started taking them as directed. Literally within three weeks not only did the hair I already have grow one whole inch, but I saw tons of new baby hairs. As you can probably guess, I HAD to order a 6 months supply of the step one and step two. Since taking this product, my hair has grown about 4.5", it's shiny, there's new growth, it feels and looks thicker, and it just looks absolutely amazing. My bestfriend that I saw just 6 months ago didn't even believe that it was my real hair when I went to visit her over Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for making this product, it truly is a miracle."
- Aurora Bella, SoHo, New York City

"This stuff is really great!"
- M.M., USA

"I have had my hair short for some time now and I recently decided to grow my hair back long again. My hair grows rather fast but of course when you want something you want it now. I got my package about two weeks ago. I am using the entire system. I have already had a little more than 1/2 inch of growth. If you are skeptical like I was just give it a try. You can always send it back if it doesnt work for you. I will give another review in another month or so. "
- CG,

"I have been using the hair supplements for a week now and my hair is already growing and it is thicker as well!! I love this product, just not the size taste or smell of the pills or even the price, but it is definetely working for me!!"
- CLM,

"I am a 24 year old black women. Its only been a week now that I have been using these pills. I've been trying everything to get my hair to grow. I am confident that these pills will work. I just left the salon. I can't keep my hands off my hair, I love how it feels. I plan to continue using my 1 month supply and hope to see Some results soon."
- J.H, Indianapolis, IN

"I am a true beliver now and it has been less than a month. I permed my hair in September 2011, and I was suppose to perm it in like December, but I had so much new growth that I had to perm it today at two months post. I have only been using HF37 hair vitamins since October. The thing is I use the whole system of HF37 to give it a fair chance. Today for the first time my man said your hair is long, I said no it's not, he said yes it is, your hair is down your back. Now when I get my income tax I will be buying at least one year supply to go along with my six month order. For my graduation in May I will be full Bra Strap Length. And if this growth keeps up I will be at least Mid Back Length this time next year. Please HF37 don't ever change what u are doing. You have helped a Black lady like me with a thyroid problem get the hair of my dreams. Thank you, you were my last resort."
- L.P., Bronx, NY

"I had a horrible razor haircut that was making my hair break and frizz. After a week taking Step 2 hair vitamins my hair is softer and those tiny razor pieces are longer. I'm impressed. I thought I would have to cut all my hair off, but these vitamins are working! Thanks for offering a product that works."
- Sara, Iowa

"I really wanna try this product!! It sounds like it will work for me especially. My hair is somewhat thin and very fine. Although I might say it's very beautiful, I really want to grow it out a lot longer than it is. It's to my shoulders right now and I want it to be at least to my bellybutton if not a little shorter. I am really excited to try this product and hope it works well for me. Thanks people who created this wonderful gift!"
- Emma, Indiana

"I am an AA female who read the reviews and was skeptical but I figured I would give the pills a try. Anyway, I started taking them and I have noticed that my nails are starting to grow out VERY STRONG & HARD already. They are not long but most are right at the piece of skin at the tip of your fingers. My nails will grow, but usually I could peel the tip of the nail off from them being so brittle. As far as my hair, not sure yet, but seems to be working thus far."
- K, NY

"Used Hair Formula 37 a few years ago after cutting my hair too short. It definitely made my hair grow, and also my nails. Overall my hair felt thicker and healthier in general. Now I have recently had a too-blonde dye-job done and am hoping to grow out my hair (at least the part that frames my face) as fast as possible. I have no doubts that it will help the condition of my hair. In the past, I noticed that a few thin spots of hair on my hairline became thicker. I can't wait to receive my package of hair vitamins and get started again. I know this product is amazing and recommend it to everyone."

"So I wasn't sure about buying this at first. Was it a gimmick? I ordered it and yeah its expensive, BUT THIS STUFF DOES WHAT IT SAYS! I saw great improvement in my nail quality and they started growing faster, along with my hair. It didn't grow the miraculous 3 inches in a month but it did start growing faster. And I'm sure if I took the vitamins more regularly like they suggest (instead of forgetting to take them sometimes) that the results would have been even better!"
- Evan,

"I ordered Hair Formula 37 about a month ago. I got it a week later, and it was 2 or 3 days early. I had just bleached my hair, and my hair was fried. I started freaking out that it wasnt gonna grow and so I ordered this which I had been wanting for a while. My hair grew 1 inch in a month! I was so impressed so Im gonna order more soon. I recommend this product! By the way I ordered the complete set plus the herbal booster. Don't waste any time and order it. I promise you wont regret it. :D"
- Abbey, Virginia

"Well I ordered this product three months ago and was very skeptical. Now my hair is like five inches longer. This product is like magic and I will continue to use it. And it makes my hair soft and my curls don't get frizzy. I'm in Love Thank you HF37!"
- S.K, NJ, USA

"I was very skeptical when trying HF37 Vitamins for the first time, believing they ONLY worked for girls. How wrong was I. After TEN days my hair is growing faster than it ever has in years. I WILL be purchasing HF37 forever. Thank you very much"
- Martin Carroll, Efail Isaf, Pontypridd, UK

"I already wrote a review but just had to say again that HF37 is the best!"
- Teresa, Arlington

"After having problems with the strength and growth rate of my hair caused by hair extentions and constant colouring, action needed to be taken. I started using Hair Formula 37. This is a product where results are seen 2-3 days later. Sounds mad I know but I could tell it was getting in better condition and also thicker. Have been using the full package including the herbal booster which i would reccommend you buy for 4 months and my hair looks great. Give it a chance."
- Mahrunisa Hussain, UK

"I absoulty love this product. My hair has always been very very thin and would never grow long. Now after only one month it grew 2 inches. My nails are also longer and harder. Even my mum ordered them. I received my second 2month supply in a week's time! I can't wait to see how much longer it will grow."
- Dany, Malta

"I took Hf37 2 years ago for about 4 months en my hair grow a lot on the first month almost 5 inches!!!! and im pretty sure cause I was so obsessed with my hair to grow that I measured my hair every week. That's how i found out. So anyways the first change that i notice was my nails, then my skin and finally my hair is was so silky, soft and incredible shiny ,the side effects for me was i think the most common, when i stop using the vitamin my skin start to breaking out horrible for a month,besides that evething was AMAZING! so if you are looking for something that really works you should try this!!!!!"
- Elizandra, Bayonne NJ

"I have not had long hair since childhood. I have tried hair extensions but wanted my hair to grow. I found the hair formula on a search online. I ordered (skeptical) but I have had 4 inches of growth in two months. I have not taken like I should have but was so glad when I realized it was working. I will keep taking the formula till I get the length I want! Thank you formula 37. "
- Asmith, USA

"When I was younger, I had such long beautiful silky hair. But in college I started using chemicals on it for color and body waves. That ruined my hair and I had to cut it pretty short. So I stopped putting chemicals on it and tried to let it grow out for several years but it just never was the same again. The ends were just so dry and damaged that I kept having to cut them off. Then I later was treated for hormonal imbalance, which I believe was the cause for my hair to start thinning. Tons of hair would fall out every time I washed it or even ran my fingers through it. So I was determined to find a solution. Knowing that nutrition starts on the inside I looked up pills instead of topical stuff. After finding HF37, I researched the ingredients and took a chance. It was an answered prayer!!!! Within just 2 weeks my hair stopped falling out and it grew 1.5 inches in 2 months. But I didnt re-order and my hair slowly started to shed again over the next month. Then I was convinced that HF37 worked. So I ordered more and have been using it for about 8 months now. ALL the dead ends are completely gone but I had to be patient as I was getting the ends trimmed every 2 months. Now I am able let it start growing out even longer. I have all these little hairs at the roots from new hair growth and the ends are staying healthy looking. I get so many compliments on my hair and I am happy to let everyone know that it is HF37."
- Melissa, TX

"A year and a half ago I cut my hair to a very short bob due to bleaching, toning and coloring. I came home crying. I always had thick hair to my hips. So for a year I didnt color my hair and tried to grow it out, butit wouldnt grow. I finaly looked online and saw the HF37 hair vitamins and saw all the good reviews. The first day I used it my hair was so soft, huge difference. I've only used the system for 4 days and my ha

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