The Truth About Hair Vitamins

Lately many people have been turning to hair vitamins to help them grow out their hair faster. With so much attention hair supplements have been receiving lately, you may be wondering what the truth about hair vitamins is. First, it is important to understand what hair vitamins are and are not:
  • Hair vitamins ARE NOT magical pills that will make your hair grow six inches overnight.
  • Hair vitamins ARE an excellent way to grow hair faster by using essential nutrients, minerals, and amino acids.
The truth is that there is a science behind hair supplements, and this science is based on nutrition and how the body uses vital nutrients.

The Difference Between Hair Vitamins And Multi-Vitamins

Hair vitamins are similar to regular multi-vitamins in that they have a range of essential nutrients, but multi-vitamins are formulated with a limited amount of nutrients meant to satisfy only minimal needs. Hair vitamins actually go a step further than multi-vitamins because hair vitamins contain a full supply of B vitamins and extra amino acids that contribute to faster and healthier hair growth.

How Hair Vitamins Workthe truth about hair vitamins

Hair vitamins work by providing the body with the proper amount of nutrients needed to stimulate hair growth. One of the key ingredients in hair supplements is a B Vitamin complex that consists of biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin, and folic acid for hair. These vitamins all work together to produce healthy cells and metabolize amino acids.
B Vitamins are responsible for many bodily functions including hair growth. A deficiency in any of these nutrients can lead to health problems like anemia and slow growing or unhealthy hair. Hair supplements that contain a B vitamin complex provide enough of these nutrients to keep the body healthy while also promoting hair growth.
Amino acids are another important nutrient that are only found in vitamins for hair. As the building blocks of protein, amino acids are essential to maintaining a healthy strong body. Hair is almost completely made of protein (keratin) and needs a constant supply of amino acids in order to grow. Hair vitamins provide a complete supply of amino acids that are then metabolized by B Vitamins to form keratin and grow hair. Since nails are also made of keratin, they too benefit from an increase in amino acids.

Why Take Hair Vitamins

Many of the foods we eat contain nutrients that our bodies need for various organ and tissue health, but some vitamins can be difficult to find in foods. Getting enough nutrients can be even harder for vegetarians and others on restrictive diets. Any vitamins that we do receive from food are used by the body’s vital organs and cells first, leaving less nutrients to be distributed for hair growth.
This is why when one has a vitamin deficiency it is usually presented in the form of slow growing, unhealthy hair first. Taking hair vitamins can be very beneficial. These supplements provide optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for overall health, as well as essential amino acids needed for keratin production and hair growth. For those wanting to grow their hair faster, hair vitamins are the best choice.

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