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How To Remove Keratin Bond Extensions

Keratin hair extensions do a great job of making our hair longer, adding volume, and minimizing our visits to the salon. Regardless, there comes a time that we have to take them off. 

It is advised that you have a professional remove your hair extensions. This is to prevent harm or damage to your natural hair, which may occur if someone unfamiliar with the operation removes extensions from your hair.

However, this is not always possible due to many factors or simply because you just want to do it at home. You can remove your keratin bond extension if you follow the guide below. 

1. Talk to Your Stylist

As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that a professional stylist is hired to remove the keratin bond extension. So, before doing it yourself, talk to the hairstylist who installed the hair. If they are unable to set up an appointment for you, they will undoubtedly be able to give you one or two tips on how to do it securely on your own.

2. Tools required

Using a good bonding glue remover is the simplest and best technique to remove hot fusion extensions. It is available online as well as in beauty supply shops and hair salons. For the specified amount of time, you must immerse your hair in the product to loosen the bindings.

Additionally, you’ll need to get flat pliers without teeth. As it is built to click when too much pressure is applied, this will stop excessive pressure from being applied.

3. Preparing the hair for keratin hair extension removal

The keratin hair extensions are difficult to remove, therefore it’s crucial to prep your hair first. Making preparations in advance will not only protect your hair and reduce damage, but it will also shorten the time it takes to remove it.

One week before getting your extensions removed, start pre-treating your hair. Pre-treating keratin hair extensions will help them get ready because they are not intended to dissolve instantaneously. The pliers will be useful in breaking the bond, enabling the remover to go farther and separate the bonds.

During this entire week of preparation, bathe your hair each night in a conditioner that is heavy on protein. Instead of diluting the conditioner with water, use it straight from the bottle. Additionally, let your hair dry completely before going to bed because it is not advised to sleep with wet hair. 

The keratin in the extensions will link with the proteins in the conditioner, making it porous and softer. Before having your extensions removed at least a week from now, start doing this every night.  

How To Remove Keratin Hair Extensions Step By Step

To securely remove your keratin hair extensions, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Depending on what you used to soak your hair, wash off the conditioner or oil.
  2. Make sure there are no tangles in your hair by using a comb.
  3. Apply a drop of alcohol to each bond in a cluster of five or more extensions before giving it five squeezes with the pliers. Don’t break it abruptly; be gentle.
  4. Repeat the procedure on your entire head of hair. Simply squeeze your bindings without taking them out.
  5. Work in layers to let the solvent penetrate further and loosen the bonds. Avoid using the pliers to force them out because doing so could seriously harm your natural hair. The squeezes will help to partially open them, making it easier for them to come out on their own.
  6. While working with others, keep your ties wet. Repeat 2-3 times with all of your bonds.
  7. Add another drop of the remover once your bindings have softened, then try to carefully slide off an extension. Do not pull it firmly if it does not slide freely. Just give it a little more time to soak before trying again.

Are Keratin Hair Extensions Reusable?

You can reuse keratin extensions up to three times. The way you care for your extensions will obviously have a big impact on how good you will look. Your extensions’ lifespan can be significantly increased by routinely using a gentle brush, using the right shampoo and conditioner, and working with knowledgeable salon staff.

I Want to Reuse Hair Extensions: How Do I Get Old Hair Glue Off?

Reusing natural extensions that are bonded to the existing hair is a cost-effective solution because they are usually pricey. All remaining glue on the extension must be cleaned off after you separate the extensions from the head. Otherwise, if you try to reuse the extension, the new adhesive won’t adequately adhere to the hair or the extension.

Remember to give your hair a break before adding another extension either new or re-using the old one. To be certain of the time to wait, contact a professional hair stylist.

To remove the glue from the extension, follow these steps;

  1. Place the adhesive end of the hair extensions on top of a thick cotton towel.
  2. Each strand that has glue on it should receive one drop of glue remover. After waiting for 20 seconds, With a metal knife, apply glue remover over the entire glue chunk and allow it to dry for an additional 10 seconds.
  1. Take hold of one of the glue bits with the pliers. Wiggle or crack the adhesive free while holding the base of the hair strands with one hand. If the adhesive doesn’t come off after 15 seconds, use more glue remover and wait for another 15 seconds.
  2. In a bathtub or big bowl of warm water, dip the extensions. Massage shampoo into extensions as you wait. Place the tub back in the sink after rinsing the shampoo off the extensions.
  3. Apply the conditioner carefully to the extensions, paying special attention to the glue-covered areas. After 20 minutes, rinse the conditioner from the strands.
  4. Untangle the strands using a fine-toothed comb, making sure to get rid of all of the adhesive.

The Ideal Follow-Up after Extension Removal

Aftercare is crucial for repairing any inevitable damage after your extensions have been removed. One of the reasons people add extensions is to protect natural hair and encourage development, but even this requires maintenance if the results are to last.

Therefore, it is advised that you thoroughly cleanse your hair first to get rid of any residue left behind from the extensions or removal products.

After that, fix any breakage or damage brought on by the tension using a hair-repairing mask. Use keratin-containing products because they strengthen the hair, and maintain its fullness, smoothness, and radiance.

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