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How To Get Volume After Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is known for doing wonders to the hair by making it shinier and reducing frizz. Nevertheless, every hair is unique and can have different results after keratin treatment. One of the unwanted results is the hair looking flat or having a reduced body.

So, in this article, we will help you how you can increase the volume of your hair after keratin treatment. 

After receiving a keratin treatment, if your hair feels too flat, you can add some volume to it by using the appropriate styling tools and methods, such as volumizing shampoo or a spray. You can have a layered haircut, blow-dry your hair upside down, backcomb your mane, or use two-tone highlights to give the appearance of having greater volume. 

Different Options To Add Volume To Your Hair After Keratin Treatment

1. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Your hair’s roots become straighter due to the extra keratin, which reduces volume and gives your mane a flatter appearance. You can add volume and body to your moist hair by blow-drying it upside down or in the opposite direction from how it naturally falls.

Your too-flat hair gains all-over volume when you blow dry it upside down. By using this method, hair strands are made to stand a little bit taller rather than sagging under their weight.

By helping the hair roots stand up after a keratin treatment, concentrating on your hair roots, and blow drying your hair in the opposite direction of usual help it gain volume.

2. Get A Layered Haircut

This option might not be so appealing to people who like long hair. However, if your hair is tall, the flatter it will look after the keratin treatment. This is because long hair is heavier compared to short hair and the roots have a hard time lifting it to give it a body. 

So, if you really want your hair to gain body, you can consider giving it a haircut.

There are numerous haircut styles that add body.

The mullet and the shaggy in all of its forms are the ones that add body.

Although these cuts are fashionable because they give even the finest manes body and movement, not everyone adores them.

The shaggy style, though, is excellent for adding volume. 

As an alternative, you may choose a timeless style like a layered-long bob or the classic layered cut to thin out your mane and add more body. The best thing is to discuss the best option with our stylist.

3. Take the Shower at Night and Sleep With a Bun

Your hair’s hydrogen bonds are broken while it’s wet, and they ultimately heal when the strands are dried. Put your moist hair in a bun that is not too tight on top of your head if you like to shower at night, then sleep.  

After the keratin treatment, it causes broken hydrogen bonds to be reconstituted, giving you volume.

In the morning, the hair will be manageable and not frizzy, if it is unruly, you can use a smoothening serum.  

Try back brushing when you brush your hair in the morning to assist your frontal manes to have body and volume.

4. Select a shampoo that promotes a voluminous appearance

Some hair products are designed to add hair volume and they can be a lifesaver instead of a haircut. Focusing on the roots can occasionally help you give your hair more volume. You may prevent your mane from clinging to your scalp by using specific volumizing shampoos.

Avoid washing your hair every day to avoid weighing it down and flattening it further.

To increase your volume, alternate between a volumizing shampoo and a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is duo purpose because it maintains your hair clean and aids in providing the body you require on the roots since it is formed of talcum powder.

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5. Apply Styling Products

This is one of the simplest method though some styles are not so appealing or comfortable.

To elevate your hair at the roots, you could alter your hair parting.

It becomes flat and boring when you’ve had the same portion for years or even decades. You can lift it with just a small change on your end. Don’t forget to fix the new style with hairspray.

Additionally, a wavy or curly hairstyle can add volume. You might add waves and gain body if you have a curling or flat iron.

Your hair can also be braided and let to air dry. After that, gently brush your fingers through your braids as you take them out to add volume.

6. Use Voluminizing Mousse on your Hair Roots

After receiving a keratin treatment, you notice less volume in your hair because the extra weight of the keratin protein causes your hair strands to lie flat against your scalp. Therefore, putting a product like hair mousse on the roots of your hair will stop it from lying straight and give it volume.

After receiving a keratin treatment, hair mousse gives your too-flat hair a wonderful voluminous appearance without making it greasy.

Although not approved, you can use baby powder to give your flat hair body and volume. You can only use it on rare occasions, though.

7. Dye Some Strands In A Double Tone

For an optical illusion, you can dye some strands in a double tone.

The coloring technique is used for more than only changing hair color.

In case you didn’t know, coloring techniques can be utilized to disguise or highlight while giving the appearance of volume.

Get two-tone highlights if you want to add body following a keratin treatment.

Your hair will be in two different colors. That is, the color you are wearing right now plus a different hue.

For instance, you can add light brown or chocolate highlights to blonde hair. If you have dark hair, on the other hand, the highlights should be paler. The visual effect of the body is increased by contrast.


There are many approaches to adding volume to your hair. Some methods will work best for some people while others won’t. The basic rule is to always consult your stylist.

I hope this guide has helped you and good luck in having your preferred hair volume back!

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