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How to Stop Static Hair After Straightening

Flat irons and other heat treatment tools are helpful when you need to style your hair at home, but they can also be the source of your bad hair days. For instance, when using a flat iron, you might notice some static hairs forming, making it impossible to style your hair as you wish. Here is how to stop static hair after straightening if this happens to you frequently.

What is Static Hair?

Static hair is electrically charged straight hair that results after heat treatment. Static hair is caused by dryness because it is easier for the hair to produce static. In other cases, static hair is also caused by the high temperature of flat irons, in which case the hair shafts repel each other.

If you struggle with the sharp flyaways, here is how you prevent static hair after straightening.

1. Use Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners

Dryness contributes to getting static hair, so you need to ensure your hair is well-hydrated before straightening. Therefore, if you want to use a flat iron for styling, you must prepare your hair, starting with when and how you wash it.

It is best to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to prevent overdrying your mane. In addition, you can also use a hydrating hair mask after washing your hair to feed more moisture into the hair cuticles.

While hydrating products will benefit your hair, it is also advisable to avoid washing your hair too often, especially if your hair gets static often. Washing your hair very often can strip it of all its natural moisture, so it is better to skip washing every few days.

2. Dry Your Hair with a Microfiber Towel

If you want to prevent static hair, you will need to avoid causing the hair friction before using your heat styling. Unfortunately, most bath towels are rough and will cause a lot of friction when you use them on damp hair. The best fabric to use after washing is microfiber which will dry your hair without friction.

3. Leave your Hair to Dry Before Flat Ironing

Avoid ever styling your hair when it is damp, as this exposes it to static and other unwanted outcomes. Your hair is weakest when damp, so it is best to dry it first before styling. When you are in a hurry and can’t wait for your hair to air dry, you can use a hairdryer, but hold it at least 15cm from your hair.

4. Use a Hair Serum or Heat protectant Before Straightening

Too much heat is the leading cause of static hair after straightening. To prevent electrically charging your hair, it is best to use a thermal protectant or hair serum.

Since washing and heat treatments can strip your hair of its moisture, a serum or protectant cream or spray will help lock in the natural moisture before you style the hair. These products need to be lightweight and are best used before using a flat iron or other styling tools. However, ensure you use the products sparingly to prevent other unwanted outcomes.

5. Switch to Ceramic Flat Irons

It is also best to use a ceramic flat iron or any other styling tool with ionic plates. These tools do not burn your hair or transfer heat directly, which leads to static hair. When styling your hair, ensure you do not leave the flat iron on one section for too long as that would charge your hair.

6. Use an Anti-Frizz Spray After Straightening

Applying an anti-frizz spray immediately after straightening your hair will also help tame any static hair before they mess up your style. In addition, they help prevent moisture loss when you expose your hair to environmental elements. It is also best to spray sparingly to leave room for consequent hair moisturization products.

7. Apply Hair Oils After Straightening

After straightening your hair, it is vital to ensure it is hydrated to prevent frizz and static hair. When straightening, your hair cuticles are mostly opened by the high heat, and applying oils will help seal and close the cuticles, thus ensuring healthy hair days.

8. Use Wooden or Hard Rubber Combs

Using combs and hairbrushes with natural fibers is a good way to prevent static and hair breakage. Besides preventing hair damage, these combs are also best when you want to style your hair after straightening.

9. Avoid Using Synthetic Fabrics After Straightening

If you want to stop static hair after straightening with a flat iron, you also need to avoid using synthetic fabrics, especially scarves, pillowcases, and hijabs. These synthetic fibers cause a lot of friction which eventually may lead to static and dryness.

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