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Best Braid Hairstyles For Curly Hair

The best thing about curly mane is that some basic hairstyles can look more exciting because of your hair texture. Braiding can be very helpful for curly hair since it protects your curly hair. It protects the hair by retaining moisture in your hair, and this makes styling your hair much easier. Depending on the braiding hair you choose and your hair length and texture, you may decide to leave your hair slightly loose or braid it. Here are some of the hairstyles you can decide to go with;

1. Braided updo with burgundy top

It is the best hairstyle for women who love a natural look with curly ends. It is a hairstyle in which one’s natural hair is braided flat on the scalp, then extended with bright red curly pieces at the end of the braids. The bright red curly pieces are appealing to one’s eyes from afar.

2. Long box braids with curly ends

They obtain their name ‘box braids‘ from how your hair is sectioned. They are mostly installed with extensions and have different lengths, sizes and colors. You can add curly extensions at the ends to make them more appealing and outstanding.

3. Curved cornrows with twisted top

It is a hairstyle suitable for people with short hair. Your natural hair is plaited with corn rows, and the ends are twisted with extensions. The twisted extensions can be of different colors. So you can style them in various ways and styles to make them more unique and sleek.

4. Jumbo twists

They are plaited using 2 strands of your braiding hair rather than 3 strands, and they are bigger. These twists can last for six to eight weeks with proper maintenance. You should also make sure that you take them out at the right time to keep your natural mane in good condition.

5. Micro – braids natural hair

They are small, tiny braids that look like thick strands of hair and are installed on your natural hair. They take a long period to plait them and to remove them. They also take 5-6 weeks to be worn out or even more weeks.

6. Mini – cornrows

These are tiny sections of braided hair flat on the scalp. They last longer and make your hair grow fast. Adding extensions at the ends makes them more outstanding and beautiful in length.

7. Nubian braids with single rows.

It is the best hairstyle for women who like to look simple and elegant. It is a tasteful look that makes your hair feel light and fresh. The Nubian braids come in different colors and lengths; thus, one has various choices.

8. Braids with beads

If you don’t want to be seen wearing the same type of hairstyle often, you can adorn your braids with beads at the ends. It is a super classic and freestyle way to make you look more outstanding and unique.

9. Cornrows with beads

Cornrows with beads give us Cleopatra vibes. They are sections of hair plaited flat on the scalp, and then beads are put at the ends of the corn rows.

10. Knotless braided bob

This hairstyle is achieved by first braiding one’s natural hair and then feeding in braiding hair. This hairstyle can last for 1 to 3 months, depending on how well you take care of it. To achieve a bob, the length of the braids is slightly past the ears.

11. Knotless braids

It is a hairstyle in which the shape of the hair sections is box, square, triangle and diamond-shaped. The braiding hair is then fed into the length you want. Long knotless braids are good-looking and appealing.

12. Lemonade braids

They are inspired by a famous singer, Beyonce` who has an album named ‘lemonade.’ They are cornrows that are braided sideways and thus can also be referred to as side swept braids. It is braided in different styles and colors as long as they go to the side.

13. Corn rows with bun

Cornrows are plaited towards the center of your head, and then they are gathered and tied to make a bun. This hairstyle is chic and can be worn at any event.

14. Bantu knots

Bantu knots originated from the Zulu people of Southern Africa. It is a hairstyle where your hair is divided into sections, twisted and wrapped to form a curved knot that looks like a pile of tires. This hairstyle is most common among black people and can work best with medium or long hair. This hairstyle aids in stretching your hair without applying any heat.

15. Mohawk-style cornrows with Bantu knots

Towards the center of your head, the ends of the corn rows are wrapped to form a spiraled knot. You then crochet some afro at the center of the head, forming a mohawk.

16. Mohawk updo with bobby pins

It is a hairstyle where your hair is styled into rotund braids that go up to the center of your head to form a single ponytail. You then adorn your hair with bobby pins to make it more tight and secure. In addition, the bobby pins make your hair look sleek.

17. Braids adorned with strings

Braids are plaited and adorned with strings wraps to make them outstanding and beautiful. The strings are braided together with the braiding hair of choice, and the braids look more beautiful when they are long.

18. Kinky twist braids

If you are tired of heavy hairstyles on your head, you can go for the kinky twists since they are lightweight. Kinky twist braids are a two-strand twist that falls at the shoulders or slightly up the shoulders and has curly ends. They can last for up to 4 weeks or more.

19. Braids with afro

It is a hairstyle that is suitable for all hair lengths and easy to maintain. Your hair is braided flat on the scalp, forming corn rows, and then it is assembled at the center of your head, then install an afro baby.

20. Curly crochet braids

Crotchet hairstyling is a procedure by which your natural hair is plaited with cornrows forming a base for crocheting, and then synthetic hair extensions are looped in with a crochet needle. This hairstyle enables hair growth and protects one’s natural hair.

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