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Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Frizzy Hair

A lot of people view thick frizzy hair as the best hair to have, but the people with it know the struggles they go through before it gets straightened and styled. Your entire body feels like it has gone through the gym when washing, drying and styling. The higher the mass you have on your hair the more the work you have. However, We have come to your rescue to help you choose the best hair straightener reducing your struggles of getting a straightened hair. Not only will the best straighteners give you the best result but also choosing the right styling cream.

How to Choose The Best Straightener For Thick Frizzy Hair

1. Size

Long thick frizzy hair gets straightened easily with big plates. The plate should be wide and long. When it is wide it will easily grip a large section of your hair helping you move faster. 

However, for short hair narrow plates are preferred because wide plates are not able to reach the hair roots.

2. Temperature Setting 

You should choose a hair straightener that you can adjust the temperature. It should be adjustable up to 210 degrees celsius for it to work well with thick frizzy hair. Moreover, your straightener should have temperature sensors to avoid overheating. It is not appropriate for your hair to be exposed under a temperature of more than 235 degrees celsius because the keratin protein that makes your hair strong and healthy will start melting causing damage to your hair.

3. Accessories

Accessories help when you are travelling with your straightener. Carrying something like an extra heat matt and anything else might help.

4. Material of the Plate

Most straighteners are made of metallic plate coated with a non-metallic material either ceramic or tourmaline. These coatings help to distribute heat evenly throughout the plate. However, ceramic plates are most preferred because they reduce friction between the plates and hair thus reducing heat damage caused from hot-spots on the plates. 

Also, some plates are coated with titanium. The good thing about titanium is that it heats up very quickly to high temperatures thus reducing the time to straighten your hair. Titanium being able to reach high temperatures is also good for thick frizzy hair since this hair requires high temperatures.

In addition, with this new technology some straighteners are made with ionic charges. These ions cause negative charges which dry water molecules in the hair making it smoother, glossier and healthier. People with dry thick hair might opt to try this type of hair straightener if they want to improve the condition of their hair.

5. Price of the Hair Straightener  

The price should go hand in hand with how often you use your hair straightener. However, because you want a hair straightener that can serve your thick frizzy hair, the best straightener is a little more expensive than the narrow hair straightener. In case you are on budget you can consider getting a Revlon Double Straight Copper Ceramic Dual Plate Straightener.

How To Use Hair Straightener

Start with combing dry hair into sections. Remember to spray it with a heat protective product to minimise the chances of heat damage and breakage. Start to straighten at the back of the head, moving upwards to the crown with the sections you had made. Your straightener should be able to grip the section of the hair appropriately to give the best results. After you are done straightening the hair, spray it with styling spray to keep the style in place.

Best Straighteners for Thick Frizzy Hair

1. L’oreal Professionnel Steampod 4 

This hair straightener is best with dry thick hair. It is very unique with other straighteners because it uses steam to replace the lost moisture unlike other straighteners that dry your hair leaving it crispy. It re-hydrates the dry hair, comb it and straightens it. Its properties are that it has an adjustable temperature nod and a cord. Its disadvantage is that when you add water to your hair it consumes a lot of time to straighten it.

2. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Straightener

You may wonder why some people never damage their hair while using a straightener? This is because they use Panasonic Nanoe EH-HS0E Enrich + Advanced Care Hair Straightener. This straightener improves the health of your hair whereby It balances the moisture in your hair. Another advantage of this hair straightener is that its temperature can be adjusted and it has heat sensors which help it to maintain its temperature.

3. GHD Platinum + Hair Straightener 

GHD Platinum + Hair Straightener  works well with short thick frizzy hair because it has a narrow plate. It heats up very fast up to 185 degrees celcius meaning the temperature is not adjustable. This temperature makes the hair smooth with one go, you don’t need to repeat the same place.

4. Dyson Corralle Hair Straightener

This is the most improved hair straightener. It is cordless, very fast in charging and kind to your hair. It only needs to be charged fully for 70 minutes and it will serve for 30 minutes. In case you have forgotten to charge it you can use it with a wire too. Another advantage is that the plates are flexible. They change according to the size of your hair. However, Dyson Corralle Hair Straightener has the disadvantage that it takes a lot of time to straighten your hair.

5. Revlon Double Straight Copper Ceramic Dual Plate Straightener

This hair straightener has a different physical look. Instead of it having two plates it has four narrow plates that are joined together by a bridge at the top of the straightener. These four plates work together whereby the first plate passess through the hair making it straight and the second plate also passes through the hair at the same time making the hair better. Another thing is that you can adjust the temperature to where it works best with you. Moreover, it leaves you smooth and shining. 

Nevertheless, it is disadvantageous to some people because it has four plates. This makes it very wide which is not appropriate for short hair.

6. Cloud Nine The Wide Iron

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron works best at low temperatures reducing hair breakages but still doing its work to perfection. The plates contain minerals that minimise friction and make the hair shine. Also, the temperature can be adjusted. However, with this hair straightener it is not easy to reach the roots.

7. GHD Max Hair Straightener

This is an amazing hair straightener to use. It shuts down automatically after 30 minutes. Another amazing thing is that it has options of different ways of how to use it. It serves very well with curly edges, it creates big curls on long hair or a short wave on short hair that is shoulder length hair. As it serves best in this, its disadvantage is that you can’t adjust the temperature.

8. Bioionic Onepass 1.5 Inch Straightener Iron For Thick Hair.

This straightener is one of the best choices. First, It can be adjusted to where it serves you best. Moreover, it has the right temperature gauge. Second, it makes your hair silky and shiny in one pass. Third, it makes you move slowly bit by bit through the hair. Although it has a lot of advantages, its disadvantage is that it is hard to reach the roots.

9. Diva Pro Styling Wide Digital Styler 

Diva Pro Styling Wide Digital Styler is among the straighteners you can invest in. its advantages are that it heats up very fast, even when you adjust it the temperature rises very fast. Also , it has nice size plates that can help you style large sections at once. One reason to avoid this straightener is that it is heavy to lift it when using it. 

10. Revamp Progloss Ultra X Shine Wide Ceramic Hair Straightener

This straightener is made differently from others. It has slightly longer plates than others. These longer plates help you work more easily and faster. This is perfect for long thick frizzy hair. The temperatures can be adjusted. This straightener uses ionic charges meaning it repels positive charges replacing them with negative charges. This negative ion makes the hair shine and have a silky texture. Also the plates contain keratin, argan oil and coconut.   


For you to get the best results , first know the type of hair you are dealing with to know which type of straightener you are going to use. Consider reading carefully on what to look for when choosing the right straightener. Also know how to use it and surely you will get the beautiful smooth hair that you wanted.

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