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Solutions For Faster Hair Growth

There's a lot of misinformation floating around about how to make your hair grow faster. Certainly there is no magic potion, drug, or magical herb that can do the trick. But, there are some facts that most everyone can agree on:

  • - On average, hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month
  • - Diet and nutrition have a direct impact on overall hair health and appearance
  • - Hair needs specific nutrients to be at its healthiest, and look it's best
  • - Undernourished hair tends to grow slower and appear thinner
  • - People in general are too busy to pay close attention to their diets

4 Solutions For Faster Growing Hair:

1. Avoid Damaging Enviroinmental Factors
Cigarette smoke and UV rays are two of the most damaging environmental factors. A big tip to grow your hair out fast is to avoid both of these things. Or at least minimize your exposure to them. So don't smoke, and if you have to go out in the sun wear a hat or scarf over your hair.

2. Use Hair Growth Vitamins
Yes, the truth about vitamins for hair is - can help you grow your hair out fast! Hair Formula 37 vitamins are specially formulated to provide extra nutrition that is usually missing in your diet. Obviously this is one of the best solutions for faster hair growth since these nutrients can help hair grow at its maximum rate.

3. Don't Use Chemical Hair Treatments
Many things people put in their hair can cause damage. Hair coloring, hair relaxers, and straighteners are the main culprits. If you want your hair to grow long and healthy, avoid using any of these things. Even in moderation, these things can make it harder for you to grow out your hair.

4. Chill Out With The Heated Hair Tools
Anything that applies direct heat to the hair follicles can dry it out and cause damage. And as we know, damaged hair does not grow fast and long, plus it doesn't look great either. So one of the best tips to grow your hair out is to avoid hair dryers and flat irons.

solutions for faster hair growth

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