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Dealing with Slow Hair Growth?

If you'd like longer, sexy hair fast but are stuck dealing with slow hair growth, you have just found the solution to your slow growing hair!

slow hair growth Hair vitamins give your body the necessary nutrients required by your body to promote stronger, healthier, faster growing hair.

Always complaining "My hair grows slow!"?

Hair grows from the inside out, not only is proper nourishment required to stimulate faster hair growth, but caring for your hair on the outside is important for healthy looking, beautiful locks!

Here are a few key tips for dealing with slow growing hair:

  • Improve Your Diet
    Slow growing hair can in many cases be traced back to your hair not getting all of the nutrients it need to grow fast and be healthy. This is usually because your diet, like most people's, doesn't get enough nutrients to support a functioning body and then have enough
    left over for fast hair growth. Hair Formula 37 hair vitamins will give you the needed 100% of the following vital hair nutrients:

    • Amino Acids / Proteins
    • Biotin or B-7
    • Niacin or Vitamin-B3
    • Pantothenic Acid
    • Folic Acid
    • Zinc

  • Avoid Excessive UV rays
    Yep, too much sun can damage your hair and lead to slow hair growth. If you need to be out in the sun try to cover your hair with a hat or scarf.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
    This includes everything from harsh hair treatments like hair color, perms, and relaxers which damage hair over time. Healthy hair grows fast, damaged hair does not.

  • Avoid Excessive Exposure to Heat
    This primarily comes in the form of hot styling tools like hair dryers and hair straighteners. Again, too much direct heat is a damaging factor to the hair and can be a slow hair growth factor. Heat dries out hair - causing premature hair breakage.

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