How to Grow African American Hair Fast

Stop waiting on your hair to grow longer and faster by itself – give your hair help! Here are valuable tips on how to grow African American hair fast.

African American hair needs nourishment, pampering, moisturizing and love to grow fast, at its maximum potential.

Love Your Hairhow to grow african american hair fast

African American hair is dry and extremely fragile. Of course, every individual has different textures, lengths and thicknesses.

Your genes have determined this already for you, no matter how much screaming and pleading you do, your hair will be exactly what it is – yours!

Wishing for hair like natural hair celebrities, will get you no where – you have to put effort into enhancing your hairs natural beauty. Having a full head of gorgeous hair, can be achieved by setting realistic hair goals for yourself and your hair.

Even celebrities have people who work on their hair constantly. Beautiful hair must be catered to. Growing out African American hair can be a challenge, are you up for it?

Set Realistic Goals and Time Frames

Setting goals, achieving them and seeing the benefits of your hard work, helps you keep moving along this journey for beautiful, sexy long, faster growing hair!

Start adding small changes to your hair routine. Moisturize more often, pamper your scalp with oil massages, use better styling tools, stop using so much heat. Find what works for your hair.

When using hair products or black hair vitamins for faster hair growth, a reasonable time frame should be allowed for the product to produce results.

Expecting to achieve 3 inches of hair growth in a month is unrealistic, vitamins should be used a minimum of 45-60 days, before seeing much change at all. Vitamins take longer to absorb into the bloodstream, when they do, your entire body is fighting over the nutrients it can use in other areas required to function.

The same thing happens when you eat food. Adding hair vitamin supplements is a great way to make sure your body has exactly what it needs to grow African American hair fast.

Expecting to get silky smooth hair strands after one just one deep conditioning treatment, when hair has gone through months, or years of relaxers, color treatments, bleached highlights, etc. Deep conditioning, hot oils for hair, protein repair treatments should be used several times before you determine whether or not it has helped your hair. Sometimes, we get lucky and get it right the first time . Don’t stop – don’t give up!

It is true that hair can only grow so fast, even with added vitamins or foods good for hair growth. Your body is working with its natural hair growth rate, the food you eat, the water you drink, your metabolism – expect realistic results.

Do not get discouraged if someone you know has faster growing hair, longer hair, or thicker hair. Each individual body is working with unique tools to support and encourage healthy hair growth.

Healthy hair will not receive the vitamins and nutrition it needs to be healthy and strong, unless you eat it or drink it.

  • Limit Junk Foods
  • Eat Foods Rich In Protein
  • Drink Lots of Water
  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables
  • Moisturize Hair and Scalp

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