How To Get Faster Growing Hair

At some point, we have all experienced the NEED and WANT to have faster growing hair. People will argue that there is nothing you can do to grow hair faster, while even more people offer up hair growth remedies and faster hair growth recipes from all over the planet. So what’s the truth?  Here’s the real truth on how to get faster growing hair.

How Does Hair Grow Fasterhow to get faster growing hair

When we are born, the gene pool has already determined how big our hands and feet will be – how long our hair will grow – how fast hair grows – even where hair grows.

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and where we live, affect how our bodies function and produce living cells; including how fast hair grows.

If our bodies do not receive adequate supplies of the nutrition necessary to support our complex system, areas of our body can be affected. We can experience, hair breakage, slow growing hair, thinning hair and in some cases hair loss. Others may see changes in the appearance of skin.

Throwing seeds out into a pile of dirt will not yield you healthy fruits or blooms. Without a nurturing, healthy growing environment, plants will not grow to its maximum potential.

This would include water, nutrition and a safe growing area. Plants must be trimmed, fed, watered and cared for to maintain a healthy, beautiful appearance.

Same concept applies, to our hair! Expecting for hair to care for itself will not grow you long, healthy, gorgeous hair, it takes commitment and dedication if you want faster growing hair.

What Does Faster Growing Hair Need

Hair needs nutrition just like any other part of our bodies.

The hair growth cycle has 3 phases that is goes through, catagen, anagen, telogen. During the growing phase, hair must have proper nourishment, this is the only time hair is actually living. Once hair has grown through the scalp, it no longer receives nourishment from the body and must be cared for topically.

  • Keep Scalp Clean
  • Increase Circulation to Scalp
  • Pamper Hair and Scalp with Penetrating Oils
  • Deep Condition Weekly
  • Drink Lots of Water

Making sure that you feed your body foods good for hair growth, drink lots of water and take vitamins for faster growing hair, insures beautiful, faster growing hair! Beautiful, gorgeous locks of hair get noticed – there is no doubt about that! Start taking care of your hair now, it will lead to happier hair days!

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