Hair Growth With Biotin

Hair Growth With Biotin

If you want to make your hair grow faster, you can speed up your hair growth with biotin. It has been scientifically proven that biotin deficiency can impact hair growth.

While studying the effects of biotin, scientists discovered that mice with biotin deficiencies developed dermatitis, alopecia (hair loss), and other health problems. When the mice were given biotin supplements, their health and hair growth drastically improved.

How do you improve your hair growth with biotin?Hair Growth with Biotin

One way to improve hair growth is to ensure that you are getting enough biotin in your diet. Biotin can sometimes be called vitamin B7 or even Vitamin H (for Hair). It is a naturally occurring vitamin that can be found in many hair growth foods such as eggs and chicken liver.


Unfortunately, biotin levels in food are reduced by preserving, and due to an increase of packaged foods and fast food, many of us aren’t consuming as much biotin as we once were. This lower level of daily biotin intake has resulted in slower and weaker hair growth. Symptoms of biotin deficiency can include hair loss, brittle nails, exhaustion, or scaly red skin around the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Hair Vitamins, Shampoos and…Beer?

There are hair care products and supplements for those who want to improve their hair growth rate. Some years ago a rumor started circulating that pouring beer on your hair could make it grow faster. This rumor likely gained popularity because beer contains yeast, and biotin can be found in yeast. Instead of pouring a pint of beer over your head, though, you can use a biotin enriched shampoo and conditioner. Not only will it smell much better, the scalp will be better able to absorb the biotin.


Men and women who take a hair supplement that contains biotin can also notice a difference in their hair growth. Biotin is just one of the vitamins needed for healthy hair growth, though. Since biotin aids in the metabolism of amino acids and other nutrients, it is best to take a vitamin for hair that contains biotin as well as amino acids and zinc.

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