5 Crazy Ways To Get Hair To Grow Faster

There are some crazy ideas about hair growth out there. We’re all looking for the easiest and quickest way to get long hair fast, and many of these well known home remedies claim to be the best secrets to fast growing hair. Here is an explanation of some of the most crazy ways to get hair to grow faster and whether or not they really work.

Ways To Get Hair To Grow Faster1. Horse Shampoo

This is a very popular myth. It started years ago when someone decided to use a horse shampoo on their own hair. After washing with it, their hair felt very heavy so they decided it made their hair grow. Unfortunately this myth has been repeated for so long that some people believe it.

Does horse shampoo make hair grow faster? No!

As popular as it may be, it is not one of the best ways to get hair to grow faster. A quick look at the ingredient label would reveal why it does not actually make hair grow faster. Sure it cleans hair. But there are not any hair growth vitamins or proteins in it. Therefore hair follicles are not receiving any special nutrients that would stimulate faster growth.

2. Birth Control Pills In Shampoo

This crazy method involves crushing four or five birth control pills and mixing it in shampoo or conditioner. The reasoning behind this myth is that an increase in the hormone estrogen can sometimes make hair grow faster.

Do birth control pills in shampoo make hair grow? No!

Crushing birth control pills and putting them in shampoo or conditioner will NOT make hair grow faster. And any doctor will tell you that you should NOT use birth control pills to grow your hair!

3. Cutting Hair By The Moon Phases

People have altered their routines to coincide with certain phases of the moon for thousands of years. This myth is rooted in astrology and not in science.

Does cutting hair during the new moon help it grow faster? No!

Our bodies also respond to more direct nutritional factors. The body uses vitamins and nutrients to produce hair growth so you don’t have to wait until that certain phase of the moon to trim your hair.

4. Reflexology For Hair Growth

Reflexology is an alternative therapy used to help relieve pain in patients. Some also believe that rubbing the fingernails of your right and left hands together for ten minutes every day will somehow make hair grow.

Does reflexology make hair grow? No!

Reflexology may help ease pain in parts of the body, but it won’t affect hair growth.

5. Turning Your Head Upside Down

Another myth floating around is that standing on your head, or laying on the bed with your head over the side, will make hair grow faster.

Will standing upside down help hair grow faster? No!

Turning your head upside down will make blood rush to your head, but this does nothing to improve long term overall circulation. Healthy circulation is aided by taking a B Vitamin called Niacin.

So What Are Some Real Ways You Can Get Hair To Grow Faster?

The best way to get long hair fast is to take good care of it. The bottom line is that there is no miracle remedy that will make your hair grow faster. Like all bodily functions, hair growth is dependant on how much nutrition we take in. Hair supplements that contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are the only sure way to get adequate nutrition and stimulate faster hair growth.

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