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how to deal with split ends

How Can I Deal With Split Ends?

We’re staring a new series called “Customer Questions”, and it features some of the most popular questions our customers ask us.  Today’s question is:  How can I deal with split ends? Split ends are...

how to safely store vitamins

How To Safely Store Vitamins

Did you know that keeping your vitamins in clear bottles is bad? Or that the bathroom medicine cabinet is a terrible place to store your pills? You need to make sure you store your...

hairbrush guide

Hair Brush Guide

Choosing a hair brush can be confusing – so many sizes, bristles, shapes! This easy hair brush guide to help you navigate through, so you know which brush is for you!

get rid of frizzy hair

5 Steps To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Whether you have short hair, long hair, curly hair, or straight hair, everyone has suffered from poufy and frizzy hair. Rather than raising the white flag and surrendering, try these 5 simple steps to...

Strange Hair Growth Facts

20 Strange Hair Growth Facts

Women can spend up to two and a half years of their life washing and styling their hair. That’s a lot of time spent doing our hair, but how much do we really know...

are hair extensions bad

Are Hair Extensions Bad?

The wait to grow long hair can sometimes feel endless.  At some point we all wish we could go to bed one night and wake up with instantly long hair the next day!  Of...