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African American Hair Growth

african american hair growth

Even when you feel like your hair is not growing, it is! African American hair grows at slower rates than other hair types but do not let that deter you from achieving your long hair growth goals.

Hair is always growing - what you do to your hair, once it has grown out from the scalp, determines a lot of your hair's fate.

For example, heat is damaging to hair. Too much heat causes hair to dry out, damaging it until it snaps. Chemical processes, color treatments and relaxers are some additional ways you may be damaging your hair and not even know it!

Hair Formula 37 Enhances African American Hair Growth!

Hair Formula 37 are hair vitamins packed full of vitamins, minerals, and especially amino acids (proteins) to infuse the hair with the nutrients it craves! This is especially good for African American hair growth since it needs larger amounts of protein to grow at it's optimum growth rate.

  • * Double Normal Hair Growth Rate
  • * Improve Damaged Hair
  • * Stop Hair Breakage
  • * Make Hair Grow Fast and Long
  • * Get Shinier, Healthier Hair

In addition to helping African American hair growth, Hair Formula 37 can also improve the health and strength of the hair, making African American hair more resilient to the effects of chemical black hair relaxers and hair dyes. The stronger your hair is, the better it can hold up to chemical processes, hair brushing, hair styling and color.

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